EU Japan management: what is the value of good management in Japan?

EU direct foreign investment into Japan could be 56% higher! With improved management skills, EU owned business in Japan could be at least € 50 billion high than it is today Many companies would wish to have a larger business in Japan, and generally the overall amount of direct EU investment in Japan is considered […]

Japan iPhone AppStore: 10 out of the 25 top grossing apps in Japan are by companies of foreign origin. Can you guess which?

Japan is No. 1 globally in terms of iOS AppStore + Google Play revenues, bigger and faster growing than USA 10 out of 25 top grossing apps in Japan are of foreign origin Japan game market report (398 pages, pdf-file): [buy] [subscribe] [information] AppAnnie showed that in terms of combined iOS AppStore + Google Play […]

When did qr-codes start on mobile phones? (in August 2002)

qr-codes were developed by Toyota subsidiary denso-wave When did qr-codes start on mobile phones: First mobile phone with qr-code reader was the J-SH09 by SHARP for Japanese mobile operator J-Phone When did qr-codes for mobile phones start in Japan? Here is the answer: the first mobile phone with qr-code reader was the J-SH09 produced by […]

SoftBank Shibuya flagship store

On September 29, 2006, a few days before the official name change from Vodafone KK to SoftBank Mobile, SoftBank opened the rebranded Shibuya flagship store: Because of the crowded streets in Shibuya most of the building work was done during the night: More about SoftBank in our “SoftBank Report” Copyright·©2013 ·Eurotechnology Japan KK·All Rights Reserved·

u-Japan and Japan’s Mobile Phone Industry

u-Japan follows i-Japan and e-Japan to take Japan to the forefront of global IT developments Presentation at the EU-Japan Center for Industrial Cooperation, 12 October 2006 Title: “Japan’s Mobile Phone Industry and u-Japan” Date and Time: Thursday, 12th October 2006, 17:00-19:00 Location (tentative, please check closer to the date for changes): Main Conference Room 4F, […]

Japan’s telecom sector briefing for the European Union Technology Attaches at the EU Embassy in Tokyo

Comparing EU and Japan in broadband Why did Vodafone quit Japan and sell Vodafone-Japan to Softbank? Following Vodafone’s decision to end business in Japan and the announcement of the sale of Vodafone-Japan to SoftBank, this author has been asked to brief the Technology Attaches of the 25 EU Embassies in Tokyo on Japan’s mobile phone […]

SoftBank a small fry, writes BusinessWeek …. really??

Comparing Apple and SoftBank Is SoftBank really smaller than Apple Computer? In my 20 years of business and work between US/Japan and EU/Japan, I am often surprised how Western executives underestimate economic size and strength of Japan and it’s companies – here is another example:BusinessWeek writes about the SoftBank/iPod phone, and writes that former Apple […]

Vodafone Japan rebranding to SoftBank

SoftBank replaces Vodafone brand in Japan Vodafone quits business in Japan having sold all operations to SoftBank Photographs below show the world famous Vodafone board on Tokyo-Shibuya’s Hachiko-square being replaced by the SoftBank advertisement from June 14, 2006. Cheese phones anyone?… Vodafone “cheese phone” and “car tire phone” posters replaced by SoftBank posters on Tokyo’s […]

SoftBank rebrands Vodafone Japan

Speed of the essence: SoftBank loses no time to turn around Vodafone-Japan Vodafone’s withdrawal also shows, that the values of cross-cultural management skills are often underestimated SoftBank rebrands Vodafone Japan: Saturday June 10, 2006 was the first time we saw SoftBank replacing the Vodafone brand in Japan – bringing a formal end to Europe’s largest […]

Softbank acquires Vodafone Japan with co-investment from Yahoo KK

The Deal seals Vodafone’s exit from Japan Softbank acquires Vodafone Japan in an approx. US$ 15 billion deal – worth an estimated US$ 83 billion ten years later SoftBank and Yahoo-Japan acquired 97.7% of outstanding shares of Vodafone Japan (Vodafone KK) in Japan’s largest M&A transaction (the remaining 2.3% are owned by other investors). In […]

Vodafone Japan fail: Why did Vodafone lose the opportunity of US$ 83 billion value, and help jumpstart the growth of SoftBank

Vodafone’s opportunity cost of US$ 83 billion, asset write-down by £28bn (= approx. US$ 50 billion) in 2006, and kicking off SoftBank’s meteoric rise Vodafone Japan fail: learn from the missed US$ 83 billion opportunity in Japan Vodafone Japan fail: a painful lesson for the Vodafone group, and the jumpstart for SoftBank’s meteoric rise When […]

Vodafone in Japan? A dramatic change of Vodafone’s mind?

“Vodafone K.K.’s Tsuda, 津田志郎, seeks growth in Japan, not sale” However, sale to SoftBank may be the way forward About one year ago, in an interview with Bloomberg (“Vodafone KK’s Tsuda seeks growth in Japan, not sale“), I mentioned that a sale of Vodafone’s Japan operations to Softbank might be the way Vodafone will go […]

Wireless internet grows by about 0.5 million/month in Japan

Japan’s mobile internet is a growth market with about 0.5 Million new subscriptions/month – Japan’s mobile internet grows by about one Finland per year, and even more in terms of ARPU! This growth today is shared almost 50%/50% between DoCoMo’s i-Mode and KDDI’s EZweb. Vodafone’s subscriber numbers on the other hand have been more or […]

IP backbone for Japan’s mobile operators

Japan’s telecom operators are investing to build IP (Internet Protocol) backbone networks: More: Japan Telecommunications report Copyright·©1997-2013 ·Eurotechnology Japan KK·All Rights Reserved·

Mobile operators invest US$ 15 billion

Japan’s top three mobile operators DoCoMo, KDDI and Vodafone announced plans to invest about US$ 15 billion during FY 2005 (April 2005 – March 2006): For recent financial data and analysis of Japan’s telecom and mobile sector: Eurotechnology report on Japan’s telecom industries Find details about SoftBank’s acquisition of Vodafone KK (Vodafone’s Japan company) in […]

Japan’s mobile subscriber data for March 2005

March is the month when new subscriptions peak in Japan. During March 2005 around one million new subscribers signed up for mobile services in Japan, the net gain (new subscriptions minus cancellations) was 930,500. New subscribers were shared as follows between carriers: DoCoMo: + 480,200 (+ 51.6%) KDDI/AU: + 436,100 (+ 46.9%) WILLCOM: + 33,300 […]

Japan mobile subscriber data for Feb 2005

Japan’s mobile subscriber numbers for Feb 2005 came out yesterday… DoCoMo is ahead again after a soft period on the strength of services and handsets, and KDDI/AU is still going strong driven by the designer series, good tariffs/discounts, music, WIN etc. Willcom (the former DDI-Pocket) is strengthening under new management, new name and new campaigns […]

Eurotechnology Japan in the press: Bloomberg, BusinessWeek, Economist

Eurotechnology Japan KK in the press: Bloomberg: Vodafone K.K.’s Tsuda Seeks Growth in Japan, Not Sale BusinessWeek: How Sharp Stays On The Cutting Edge. More on SHARP in our report on Japan’s electronics industries BusinessWeek: Lasers Are About to Enter Their Blue Period BusinessWeek: Vodafone’s Bad Connection In Japan The Economist: Vodafone – not so […]

Vodafone CEO Arun Sarin wants Vodafone to be in Japan for 10, 20, 30 years

Shiro Tsuda, 津田志郎, CEO of Vodafone Japan Vodafone CEO Arun Sarin wants to stay in Japan for the long term according to Bloomberg Shiro Tsuda (津田志郎, CEO of Vodafone KK for a few weeks) told Bloomberg that global “Vodafone CEO Arun Sarin wants Vodafone in Japan for 10, 20, 30 years”. Vodafone recruits Shiro Tsuda, […]

Vodafone’s challenges in Japan: Businessweek and Economist analyze the facts

Vodafone’s challenges in Japan’s advanced telecommunications markets catch attention Will Vodafone stay in Japan or give up and pull out? Vodafone’s challenges in Japan: BusinessWeek and The Economist both analyze and comment on Vodafone’s business situation in Japan, where the mobile internet was first implemented successfully starting in February 1999, far earlier than anywhere else […]

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