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Gerhard Fasol

Founder and CEO: Gerhard Fasol

Dr. Gerhard Fasol has worked in and with the academic, research, and business communities of Japan’s high-tech sector for over 25 years. Dr. Fasol is the founder of Eurotechnology Japan, a technology-focused business development, strategy, and M&A advisory and implementation firm. Previously, Gerhard was a faculty member of the Electrical Engineering department of Tokyo University, and was one of the first foreigners to build an international research group in Japan. In addition, Gerhard was the first non-Japanese to complete a “Sakigake” research project at Japan’s Science and Technology Development Corporation. Before coming to Japan, he was a manager of Hitachi’s Cambridge Research Laboratory; a permanent faculty member in the physics department at the Cavendish Laboratory of Cambridge University; a director of studies and teaching fellow at Trinity College; and a member of the scientific staff of the Max Planck Institute for Solid State Research in Stuttgart. Gerhard co-authored The Blue Laser Diode: GaN-based Light Emitters and Lasers, and he has written about 80 scientific publications. He is frequently asked to brief VIPs about Japan’s technology sector and is a regular commentator for CNBC, BBC and other global programs on financial results and trends of major technology companies in Japan, Korea, and China.
Gerhard Fasol graduated with a PhD in Physics of Cambridge University.
Gerhard Fasol created and organizes the international Ludwig Boltzmann Forum as a global leadership platform.


Team members

We work on our projects with teams of highly specialized and experienced experts, and depending on the case – e.g. in the case of environmental due diligence for factories, M&A, or other complex projects – with highly qualified subcontractors.

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