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We are a boutique M&A advisory firm working for more than 25 years in Tokyo with leading technology companies – from large multinationals to family owned hidden champions, and ventures – on acquisitions and investments.

our track record – more than 25 years in Tokyo

we are working for more than 25 years on Japanese and cross-border investment and M&A projects based in Tokyo

In the Japan-Europe direction we worked for example with NTT Communications’ global M&A team on their strategy for Europe, preparations for potential partnerships with major European telco’s, acquisitions in the telco sector, eg infrastructure, fibre and data center companies, and on the entrance strategies to enter 17 different industry verticals where data have high value, eg pharma research, logistics, automotive R&D etc.

In the Europe-Japan direction for example we worked with a European pharmaceutical multinational on the acquisition of a pharma factory near Tokyo.

In the US-Japan direction we worked with one of the world’s largest investment funds on their investments in Japan’s software industry, for a major global investment bank on their strategy to invest in Japan’s venture ecosystem, and for an investment fund on the potential investment in an energy sector company

Our M&A track record

  • Assisted a French pharmaceutical company to acquire a pharmaceutical factory in Japan: in cooperation with a leading Japanese environmental engineering company we performed environmental and regulatory due diligence, determined about 10 problem areas, determined remedy costs, risks, and assisted with negotiations to achieve a fair acquisition pricing taking account of the issues we found
  • We worked with the global M&A team of Japan’s largest telecom/IT group on their strategy for Europe. We prepared the entrance strategy for 17 industry verticals including acquisition strategies, proposed a list of telecom infrastructure companies for potential acquisition or investment, and prepared potential partnerships with large European telcos.
  • Performed technology and general due diligence on a Japanese energy efficient fuel company
  • For an US industrial company, we analyzed the ASIC chip design market in Japan and searched for suitable cooperation, investment and acquisition partners
  • and much more