Building businesses in Japan

Based on founder Gerhard Fasol’s work with Japan since 1984, we work growing the Japan business for European and US technology, pharma and medical device companies, and work on the globalization of Japanese technology companies.

Building business in Japan

Since 1997 we are supporting European and US businesses entering and growing in Japan

As example, we worked on Japan market entry preparations for the leading Silicon Vally SaaS marketing automation company. Success in Japan contributed to the IPO on NASDAQ, and later acquisition by a much larger company.

As another example, we are working with a regenerative medicine venture developing therapies for immune system diseases. As a result of the interactions with Japan’s pharma companies and with VCs, the company changed their focus from other therapies to more promising immune system therapies.

We are in preparations to build the Japan business for a number of pharma companies and medical device companies – most are stock market listed US or European pharma/medical device companies, or series B funded ventures, in other cases companies considering Japanese investments or sale.

For several high-precision electronic devices and electronic equipment companies we worked on understanding the market, building up their distribution relationships, opening new business opportunities, and understanding the competitive landscape, and strategies by competitors.