What we do


For more than 25 years our advisory boutique works with leading companies – from CEO and Boards of large multinationals to family owned hidden champions, and technology ventures – here from Tokyo, and help them invest, grow, acquire and build businesses across borders.


Our first two customers when we started Eurotechnology-Japan in February 1997 were SIEMENS, and the global M&A team of NTT-Communications, the international arm of Japan’s largest telecom and data group NTT.

For SIEMENS we worked on the market entrance preparations into Japan’s environmental technology markets.

For NTT-Communications we worked on their strategy to enter 17 industry verticals including acquisitions and investments, on their strategy to enter the telecommunications infrastructure market including acquisitions of fibre and data center companies, and on potential partnerships with selected European telecom groups.

Since 1997 we have worked on a large number of M&A and investment projects in and out of Japan.

As an example of inward investment into Japan, we helped a European pharmaceutical multi-national acquire a pharmaceutical factory near Tokyo.

We have worked on many aspects of M&A project, ranging from acquisition candidate search, preparations, strategy and negotiations, due diligence, deal structure, assisting in closing.

more details: https://www.eurotechnology.com/japan-mergers-acquisitions/

Building businesses in Japan

Since 1997 we are supporting European and US businesses entering and growing in Japan

As example, we worked on Japan market entry preparations for the leading Silicon Vally SaaS marketing automation company.

As another example, we are working with a regenerative medicine venture developing therapies for immune system diseases.

We are in preparations to build the Japan business for a number of pharma companies and medical device companies – most are stock market listed US or European pharma/medical device companies, or series B funded ventures, in other cases companies considering Japanese investments or sale.

For several high-precision electronic devices and electronic equipment companies we worked on understanding the market, building up their distribution relationships, opening new business opportunities, and understanding the competitive landscape, and strategies by competitors.

more: https://www.eurotechnology.com/building-japan-business/

Japan strategy and growth

For one of the largest global toy and educational companies we worked on their growth strategy for Japan, and to find answers to their questions, including “what is holding us back in Japan – we are No 1 by market share in most major markets except in Japan”. We worked with the top global executive management (about 35 executives including global CEO, COO, CFO, CMO etc) in a workshop on the company’s Japan growth strategy.

As another example, we worked for a NASDAQ listed business process SaaS company (stock market capitalization on the order of US$ 15 billion) on their third business turn-round and created their fresh go-to-market plan and strategy, including thorough analysis of Japan’s market for their products, and their competitive position in Japan.

We also worked on the overall management structure regarding Japan, and the position of their Japan business as part of their global business.

more: https://www.eurotechnology.com/japan-strategy-growth/

Japan entry and turn-round

Japan entry: over the last more than 25 years we have worked with a large number of US and European companies on their market entry preparations into Japan.

Our work includes Silicon Valley SaaS companies (eg a NASDAQ listed business process company, market cap about US$ 15 billion), a SaaS marketing automation company (did IPO based on their Japan market entry among other successes), and many European and US electronic parts and equipment companies. As examples, several high-precision electronics companies, or SIEMENS market entry preparations into Japan’s environmental technology markets.


We have worked with a number of companies on their journey to accelerate growth in Japan.

As examples, we worked for a Silicon valley SaaS company on their “third restart” in Japan in their 10th year after start in Japan, or we worked for one of the world’s largest toy and education companies on “what is holding us back in Japan”, including a “Japan workshop” for their global executive board (about 35 executives including CEO, CFO, CMO etc).

more: https://www.eurotechnology.com/japan-entry-turn-round/

Due diligence for M&A and investments

Due diligence for investments:

We have worked with about 100 investment fund managers, including some of the world’s largest investment banks on their investment strategy, and due diligence on technology sectors (eg electronic money, the transition to semiconductor lighting and related supply chains from the investor and value vue point, software for smart phones including games etc)

We worked with portfolio managers at some of the world’s largest invetment funds and banks on analysis, due diligence of particular Japanese companies, including result workshops with portfolio managers – typical questions “what would you do if you were CEO of this company”, or “can you explain us the value chain of this industry”.

Due diligence for M&A:

We perform due diligence for M&A. As example, we worked on the due diligence of a Japanese pharmaceutical factory for the buyer – a European pharmaceutical multinational, and helped the European pharma CEO adjust the purchase price considering the issues we found. We found about 10 different issues, several of regulatory significance, and did risk analysis, and estimated costs of remedies for these 10 deficiencies.

more: https://www.eurotechnology.com/mergers-acquisitions-japan/due-diligence/


We have worked with a number of investments funds and banks. As one recent example, we worked for the Board of Directors and CEO/Fund manager of the Japan fund of one of the largest global investment banks on their preparations and options to invest in Japan’s rapidly growing venture eco-system.

We have worked on a wide range of projects for the financial industry, ranging from advising a risk insurer on the risks associated with one of the largest acquisitions in the Japanese telecommunications sector, to due diligence and analysis of particular companies as candidates for investment. For more than 100 global investment fund managers we worked on analysis of Japanese industry sectors, especially technology inflection and the consequences for supply and value chains, and particular companies.

more: https://www.eurotechnology.com/mergers-acquisitions-japan/finance/