Track Record


Eurotechnology Japan KK was founded in 1997, and has worked with 100s of clients.


Eurotechnology Japan works in several business areas:

  • business development: Eurotechnology Japan builds the Japan business for European and US corporations
  • strategy consulting: Eurotechnology works on business development strategies for major Japanese corporations, as well as European and US corporations regarding business development in Japan
  • Eurotechnology Japan KK has worked with more than 100 investment fund managers, including managers responsible for US$ 10 billion funds at some of the worlds largest investment companies
  • M&A and investments: Eurotechnology has for example helped a French pharmaceutical company acquire a Japanese pharmaceutical company, has worked for many investment fund managers, and is currently helping a European company acquire a Japanese company
  • market research:
    • client specific market research: we have worked on 100s of market research projects in Japan mainly in technology areas. One of our most recent projects was a deep market analysis of Japan’s mobile phone bases station markets
    • multi-client market reports. Major corporations (telecom operators, handset makers, IC-makers, software companies, investment banks and investment funds), Universities, and Government agencies from all over the world purchase Eurotechnology market reports, including also about 10 foreign Embassies in Tokyo.
      Our market research reports can be purchased:

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