Japan’s telecom sector briefing for the European Union Technology Attaches at the EU Embassy in Tokyo

Eurotechnology report on Japan's telecommunication markets

Comparing EU and Japan in broadband

Why did Vodafone quit Japan and sell Vodafone-Japan to Softbank?

Following Vodafone’s decision to end business in Japan and the announcement of the sale of Vodafone-Japan to SoftBank, this author has been asked to brief the Technology Attaches of the 25 EU Embassies in Tokyo on Japan’s mobile phone and telecom sector, mobile internet and broadband.

The EU Technology Attaches were particularly interested in the impact on Europe by the termination of by far the biggest ever European investment in Japan. Clearly it is also important to determine, what other European companies can learn from Vodafone’s experience.

European Union awards project contract to Eurotechnology Japan KK to compare EU and Japan in wireless and fix-net broadband, and to prepare recommendations for EU what can be learnt from Japan

Eurotechnology Japan KK has been awarded a contract by the European Union to benchmark Japan’s telecom sector vs EU, particularly in broadband and make recommendations to the EU how EU can learn from Japan in the telecommunications sector.

More about Japan’s telecom sector: JCOMM report (pdf-file)

Japan telecommunications industry report

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