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Our customer A: “We want to acquire Japanese software companies!”

“We decided to enter the market by acquiring Japanese software companies. We need help to find suitable and interested companies, talk to them, need to have due diligence done, structure and close the acquisitions.”

Our customer B: “We are in business in Japan for 30 years and we want to finally break through and start growing!”

“We are No. 1 in our sector in almost all countries except in Japan. Our business in Japan should be 20 times bigger! We need to find out what is holding us back, and finally start to get onto a growth curve!”

Our customer C: “We want to sell our cybersecurity products in Japan!”

“We are a fast growing VC backed venture, Japan is our most promising market, we need to start in Japan – how? We have decided to build our business in Japan. We must succeed in Japan and keep risks down!”

Our customer D: “We are global leader in many environmental technologies and want to start in Japan!”

“We are No. 1 in our home country, and we are preparing to build our environmental business in Japan.”

Our customer E: “I manage a large global investment portfolio”

“I need to understand consequences of technology inflections, mobile internet, solid state lighting on my portfolio, and I need analysis on a list of Japanese technology companies.”

Our customer F: “We are a fast growing and disruptive precision-medicine company, and seek a Japanese partner”

“Our fast growing precision-medicine is developing disruptive pharmaceutical products, and we need to build our business in Japan, the world’s second largest pharmaceutical market. We are need you to work with us to establish partnerships with suitable strategic partners, who also will invest in our venture.”

Our track record:

  • since our foundation in 1996/1997 we have worked on 100s of business development, M&A, market research and business building projects for Japanese, European and American companies
  • …. more about our track record

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Download Gerhard Fasol’s lecture slides presentation at Stanford University “New opportunities vs old mistakes – foreign companies in Japan’s high-tech markets”

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We focus on telecommunications/IT/electronic components/software and energy.

Business development

Since 1987 we have worked on 100s of business development and market entry projects into Japan’s high-tech markets for foreign companies and we have worked on market entry to Europe for Japanese companies. Our business development work is based on

  • creating deep understanding of the market and the value of the products/services in the market
  • creating a suitable strategy
  • our wide and deep professional network of cooperations and contacts

Acquisitions, M&A and due diligence

We have worked on many investment, acquisition and due diligence projects. As example, we helped a European pharmaceutical company acquire a factory in Japan, we have advised many investment managers on technology inflections, and performed technology and business due-diligence on technology companies for investors seeking to invest or acquire.


Market research, strategy and implementation

Since 1997 we have worked on 100s of strategy projects in Tokyo for international technology companies seeking growth in Japan, and Japanese companies globalizing. We create strategy plans based on first creating a deep understanding of the underlying market and it dynamics. We believe that it is necessary to create a deep understanding of the market before creating strategies.




Bill Emmott and Gerhard Fasol – A conversation about Japan’s future

Bill Emmott and Gerhard Fasol Bill Emmott is an independent writer and consultant on international affairs, board director, and from 1993 until 2006 was editor of The Economist. Gerhard Fasol is physicist, board director, entrepreneur, M&A advisor in Tokyo. A conversation about Japan’s future Bill Emmott: I came first to Japan in 1983 …

Tohoku disaster 6 years: March 11, 2011 14:46:24

6 years and many lessons learnt since the Tohoku earth quake and Tsunami and Fukushima-Dai-Ichi nuclear disasters Tohoku disaster and Fukushima nuclear disaster lead to Japan’s energy market liberalization Tohoku disaster: On Friday March 11, 2011 at 14:46:24, the magnitude 9.0 “Great East Japan earthquake” caused a tsunami, reaching up to 40.4 meters high inland …

Mobile internet coming of age: i-Mode’s 18th birthday

The global mobile internet was born today 18 years ago, on February 22, 1999 NTT Docomo announced the start of i-Mode on February 22, 1999 at a press conference in Tokyo Today, 18 years ago, on February 22, 1999, Mari Matsunaga, Takeshi Natsuno, and Keiichi Enoki announced the start of the world’s first successful mobile …


We started in Tokyo in 1997, and have worked for 100s of customers, including large multinationals, venture start-ups and family owned mid-sized companies, investment funds and VCs, Government organizations (EU and the Finnish technology agency TEKES), in the following fields:

In 1997, our first three customers were:

  • Asahi Glass (international product introduction strategy for an innovative and environmentally friendly lighting system product)
  • SIEMENS (in-depth analysis and market entry strategy plans for Japan’s environmental technology markets including energy)
  • NTT Communications (we worked with NTT-Communications’ international M&A team on NTT’s strategy to enter Europe’s markets. We mapped Europe’s internet markets, created entrance strategies into about 15 different data-rich industry sectors, selected a number of potential companies as candidates for investment or acquisition, and prepared NTT’s negotiations with several potential European partner companies.

VIP briefings and brainstorming

From time to time we are invited to brief and brainstorm with Government officials and corporate officers of large corporations. Briefings include:

  • President of Germany, Horst Koehler. Our CEO, Gerhard Fasol, was invited as one of four experts to brief the President of Germany on Japan’s technology sector. Read the briefing here.
  • The Energy and National Resources Minister of Canada, Mr Joe Oliver. Gerhard Fasol was invited as one of 4-5 experts to brief and discuss Japan’s energy sector with the Energy Minister of Canada, Mr Joe Oliver.
  • Executive team of one of Europe’s largest telecom multi-national operators. Gerhard Fasol was invited to brief the top management (CEO, CFO, CTO, Chief of Strategy) of this large telecom operator, on Japan’s telecom sector, what can be learnt from Japan’s telecom sector, and brain storming about “what is the telecom operator of the future”.

Japan business: breaking into Japan market

Doing business in Japan

Japan business: learn how to break into Japan’s markets, and how to reduce your risks of failure

With China and India’s economies growing rapidly, and Japan’s aging population and stagnating economy, why would it make sense for you to enter Japan’s market at all?

Japan business: why should you consider entering Japan’s market at all? quick answer

Japan is the world’s second or third largest market depending on the sector, important competitor, and partner. With 125 million people it’s a large and important country.

15% of the world’s economy is in Japan
25% of the world’s high-tech products are made in Japan
10% of the world’s cars are made in Japan
30% of the world’s cars are made by Japanese brands
Japan’s mobile communications market is arguably the most advanced in the world.

Japan business: how to succeed? quick answer:

  • The first imperative is to understand common mistakes and avoid them, and not to fall into the same traps as similar companies have fallen into. To get you started read:
  • Your second step must be:
    • thorough preparations: understanding the market landscape, your competitors and the value of your product in Japan’s market, and any modifications necessary to your products and services
    • a sound strategy: in particular you need to decide based on facts, which of about 100 different ways to build a business in Japan you select. Don’t jump into a ill-prepared partnership.
    • a solid financial plan
    • the required investments: many market entries to Japan have failed because of insufficient capital investments.

Japan business: how to succeed? Detailed answers:

  1. Why can business in Japan be difficult?
  2. Changes and new opportunities
  3. Avoid well known mistakes
  4. What can we do about the difficulties of Japan business?
  5. Relationships
  6. Japanese business etiquette
  7. Japanese business meetings

Download Gerhard Fasol’s lecture slides at Stanford University: “New opportunities vs old mistakes – foreign companies in Japan’s high-tech markets”

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