Eurotechnology Japan: energy, big data and telecommunication entrepreneurs in Japan

Japan energy business – The Intellectual Capital company in Tokyo.

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We build business in Japan, globalize Japanese companies and do M&A – with diligence and passion

Big Data consulting:

Based on years of software engineering and scientific data analysis, we offer our customers Big Data and predictive analytics solutions using a wide range of mathematical, software and scientific methods using tools including Mathematica, R, and many others. Read more…

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Japan energy business:

Since our foundation in Tokyo in 1997, we have worked on 100s of projects, and our customers include some of the world’s largest multinationals, start-up ventures, VCs, financial institutions and fund managers, Governments and Government Agencies (e.g. European Union, TEKES of Finland), Embassies.

  • global multi-nationals, including NTT Group and SIEMENS
  • mid-sized corporations
  • technology venture companies
  • more about our customers


  • We help foreign companies acquire Japanese companies: we helped a French pharmaceutical company acquire a Japanese pharmaceutical company, or we worked with a US led investment fund invest in Japanese technology companies. And we helped a US company select Japanese semiconductor chip design companies for investment
  • We work with Japanese companies on overseas investments: we worked for the international M&A team of one of Japan’s largest telecom groups on entry into 18 different business areas in Europe, and to identify suitable European companies for partnership or acquisition
  • advise financial industry on technology inflections
  • more about our work on M&A, investments and due diligence

Market entry – breaking into Japan’s markets:

Market research:

Our focus:

  • telecommunications, mobile internet and cloud
  • energy and renewable energy
  • semiconductors and electronics components and equipment

Our track record:

  • since our foundation in 1996/1997 we have worked on 100s of business development, M&A, market research and business building projects for Japanese, European and American companies
  • …. more about our track record

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