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Japan energy market report: detailed statistics and analysis including LNG import costs, primary energy, electricity and gas market structure and reform

We break into Japan’s technology markets with you and help you become profitable in Japan

Japan energy business:

Since our foundation in Tokyo in 1997, we have worked on 100s of projects, and our customers include some of the world’s largest multinationals, start-up ventures, VCs, financial institutions and fund managers, Governments and Government Agencies (e.g. European Union, TEKES of Finland), Embassies.

  • global multi-nationals, including NTT Group and SIEMENS
  • mid-sized corporations
  • technology venture companies
  • more about our customers


  • We help foreign companies acquire Japanese companies: we helped a French pharmaceutical company acquire a Japanese pharmaceutical company, or we worked with a US led investment fund invest in Japanese technology companies. And we helped a US company select Japanese semiconductor chip design companies for investment
  • We work with Japanese companies on overseas investments: we worked for the international M&A team of one of Japan’s largest telecom groups on entry into 18 different business areas in Europe, and to identify suitable European companies for partnership or acquisition
  • advise financial industry on technology inflections
  • more about our work on M&A, investments and due diligence

Market entry – breaking into Japan’s markets:

Market research:

Our focus:

  • telecommunications, mobile internet and cloud
  • energy and renewable energy
  • semiconductors and electronics components and equipment

Our track record:

  • since our foundation in 1996/1997 we have worked on 100s of business development, M&A, market research and business building projects for Japanese, European and American companies
  • …. more about our track record

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