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We break into Japan’s technology markets with you and help you become profitable in Japan

We want to acquire Japanese software companies!

We decided to enter the market by acquiring Japanese software companies. We need help to find suitable and interested companies, talk to them, need to have due diligence done, structure and close the acquisitions.

We are in business in Japan for 30 years and we want to finally break through and start growing!

We are No. 1 in our sector in almost all countries except in Japan. Our business in Japan should be 20 times bigger! We need to find out what is holding us back, and finally start to get onto a growth curve!

We want to sell our cybersecurity products in Japan!

We are a fast growing VC backed venture, Japan is our most promising market, we need to start in Japan – how? We have decided to build our business in Japan. We must succeed in Japan and keep risks down!

We are global leader in many environmental technologies and want to start in Japan!

We are No. 1 in our home country, and we are preparing to build our environmental business in Japan.

I manage a large global investment portfolio

I need to understand consequences of technology inflections, mobile internet, solid state lighting on my portfolio, and I need analysis on a list of Japanese technology companies.

Our track record:

  • since our foundation in 1996/1997 we have worked on 100s of business development, M&A, market research and business building projects for Japanese, European and American companies
  • …. more about our track record

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