Eurotechnology Japan

We build high-technology business in Japan, and we globalize & innovate Japanese technology business – with great passion and diligence.

We work on M&A projects.

Market entry to Japan: we build foreign high-tech business in Japan.

We focus on telecommunications / IT / Cloud / software and energy. We work in related sectors, such as semiconductors and electronics components and equipment.
We build businesses, create strategy, understand markets, work on acquisitions (M&A), perform due-diligence, and advise financial industry on technology inflections.

Since our foundation in Tokyo in 1997, we have worked on 100s of projects, and our customers include some of the world’s largest multinationals, start-up ventures, VCs, financial institutions and fund managers, Governments and Government Agencies (e.g. European Union, TEKES of Finland), Embassies.

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powering growth and M&A of tech ventures and global brands in Japan – and globalizing Japanese companies since 1997

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