Japan electronics industry analysis, covering SONY, Hitachi, Panasonic, Fujitsu, Toshiba, Mitsubishi Electric, Sharp and NEC & electronics component makers

Japan electronics industries: mono zukuri (23rd edition)

Financial and business analysis of Japan’s top 8 electronics groups and major electronics parts makers

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Lead author: Gerhard Fasol, works since 1984 with Japan’s technology industries.

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Japan electronics industries – Preview an outline of this report:

Japan electronics industries – Summary

Japan’s electronics manufacturers combined are about as large as the Netherlands economically and are facing a period of restructuring, while at the same time they acquire companies abroad in an effort to globalize. Japan’s electronic component sector occupies about 30% – 40% of the global electronic devices market, and are generally better positioned than Japan’s electrical conglomerates, although these also face their own challenges. The report reviews and analyses Japan’s top 8 electronics manufacturers, and Japan’s top 7 electronic component makers, as well as several related companies, and an analysis of the industry sectors. Subscribe to receive regular updates.

Japan electronics industries – Related events and in the press and TV:

Japan electronics industries – Table of Contents

  • Executive Summary: Japan’s electronics manufacturers
  • "Mono zukuri" (= making things, manufacturing products) as a philosophy and as a business model
    Globalization vs Japan’s Galapagos effect
    The Keiretsu bonds and consequences
    Brand and branding issues
  • Japan’s 8 major electronics manufacturers
    Overview of Japan’s 8 electronics groups
    Market caps in international comparison
    Annual revenues overview of all 8 Japanese electronics groups (FY1998 – FY2012)
    Operating profits (Losses) overview of all 8 Japanese electronics groups (FY1998 – FY2012)
    Net profits (losses) overview of all 8 Japanese electronics groups (FY1998 – FY2012)
  • Company overview and analysis for Japan’s electrical groups
    Panasonic and Sanyo
    Mitsubishi Electric
  • Company overview and analysis for Japan’s electronic component manufacturers
    Nitto Denko
  • Company overview and analysis of other related Japanese companies
    Oki Electric
    Tokyo Electron and the merger with Applied Materials
  • Summary

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Japan electronics industries – Methodology

We produce market research on Japan’s technology markets since 1996. We use the following methods:

  • Desk research: public domain data, internet resources
  • Official data from Government sources, Government white papers, public domain Government data bases, industry associations, and other trade organizations
  • Data from Annual reports and other public disclosures by companies
  • “Gray literature”: materials distributed at trade shows, conferences, workshops
  • Public presentations, lectures, keynote talks, Press conferences
  • Trade shows and events. We regularly visit a large number of trade shows and industry events, mainly in the Tokyo, Osaka areas, but also in US and Europe.
  • Interviews, discussions at trade shows, and other industry events
  • Cross checking and cross validation of data from different sources.
  • Analysis using sophisticated, research grade mathematical and statistical software, and proprietary analysis software developed by Eurotechnology Japan KK.
  • Our proprietary data base of industry data, photographs, and information collected since our company foundation in 1996/1997 mainly covering Japan’s electronics, telecommunications and energy industries.
  • Our research and analysis staff is mainly PhD level and highly trained and experienced.

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