TowerJazz to acquire three of Panasonic’s semiconductor fabs (Nikkei headline)

TowerJazz acquires three of Panasonic’s large written off wafer fabs for around US$ 100 million Massive market entry to Japan for TowerJazz Nikkei (the world’s biggest business daily, see our J-Media report) reported as their top headline yesterday, that TowerJazz is planning to acquire interests in three of Panasonic’s reportedly largely written-off semiconductor fabs valued […]

Japanese superman Masayoshi Son invests in Supercell (interview for Talouselämä, Finland’s largest business newspaper)

Japanese superman Masayoshi Son invests in SuperCell – interview with Finland’s largest business newspaper Talouselämä Talouselämä (Finland’s largest business newspaper)’s news editor Mirva Heiskanen interviewed me for their article entitled “Japanese superman Masayoshi Son invests in Supercell” (Supercellin ostaja Masayoshi Son on Japanin supermies). More interviews by Gerhard Fasol. To understand SoftBank better, read our […]

Applied Materials and Tokyo Electron plan merger (BBC interview and comments)

Global No. 1 (Applied Materials) and No. 3 (Tokyo Electron) plan merger Subject to regulatory approval in different jurisdictions Global No. 1 (Applied Materials) and No. 3 (Tokyo Electron) semiconductor manufacturing equipment makers on September 24, 2013 announced their “merger of equals” – creating a company with a nominal market capitalization of US$ 31.5 Billion, […]

M&A in Japan – interview with Arthur Mitchell by Dr Gerhard Fasol

M&A in Japan: Interview with Arthur Mitchell by Dr Gerhard Fasol M&A in Japan: Many see the current financial crisis as a period of unique opportunities. Several foreign companies are currently entering or seeking to expand business in Japan. At the same time, there is a wave of Japanese acquisitions abroad. Arthur Mitchell is a […]

Nomura CEO, Kenichi Watanabe speaks about the Lehman Brothers acquisition

Nomura CEO, Kenichi Watanabe, today gave a presentation about the acquisition of the former Lehman Brothers operations in Europe & ME, Japan, Asia (ex-Japan) and in India. Nomura acquired: Europe and ME: Equities and investment banking operations (approx 250 people) Fixed income staff (approx 150 people) Japan: approx. 1100 people Asia (ex-Japan): approx. 1500 people […]

NSG Pilkington CEO: Four critical factors for Japanese corporates making major international acquisitions

NSG Pilkington CEO, Stuart Chambers, CEO of NSG Group, press conference on October 16, 2008 NSG Pilkington: Nippon Sheet Glass acquired Pilkington in June 2006 On February 16th, 2006, Nippon Sheet Glass‘ offer for the 80% of Pilkington plc it did not already own, for US$ 3.14 billion in total, was accepted by Pilkington’s share […]

Iscar Ltd of Israel acquired Japanese tungsten carbide tool maker Tungaloy for US$ 1 billion

Overview of Europe -> Japan direct investments and M&A Overview of Japan -> Europe direct investments and M&A The Israeli company Iscar has completed the acquisition of Japanese competitor Tungaloy Corporation. Iscar acquired more than 90% of outstanding shares for around US$ 1 billion from Nomura Principal Finance Co. Iscar is the world’s second largest […]

NTT-Data expands to Europe: Acquisition of Cirquent GmbH

NTT Data and BMW agreed today, that NTT Data will acquire 72.9% of outstanding shares of Cirquent GmbH NTT Data thus gains BMW as largest customer in Europe Today, August 1, 2008, NTT Data and BMW agreed, that NTT Data will acquire 72.9% of the outstanding shares of Cirquent GmbH in order to globalize. Cirquent […]

A European perspective on M&A in Japan

Presentation at the lunch meeting of the Danish Chamber of Commerce in Japan (DCCJ) on June 4, 2008. Announcement Photos of the event Announcement text: With the very high EURO and low valuations of many Japanese companies, and with changing attitudes in Japan, now is an excellent time for European companies to start or expand […]

Seminar in London: "M&A in Japan" (Friday 18 April 2008, 12:30-14:30)

Seminar Description: Two practitioners from Tokyo will debate the changes in Japanese attitudes to mergers and acquisitions. During the course of this seminar, we will cover M&As between Japanese companies, the slow impact of foreign investment into Japan, and the outward investment strategies of Japanese companies. Speakers: Dr Gerhard Fasol, President, Eurotechnology Japan KK David […]

Chinese global brand – LENOVO

On February 1, 2007, LENOVO announced excellent 3rd Quarter results. I commented live on CNBC-TV. Read comments on LENOVO’s results below. Comments on LENOVO’s 3Q results LENOVO (traded on the the Hong Kong stock exchange) for 3Q announced 23% higher profits compared to 3Q one year ago. Revenue increased slightly to US$ 4 billion, making […]

ACCESS CEO Toru Arakawa (Oct. 6, 2006)

Toru Arakawa, CEO and Founder of ACCESS, gave a keynote speech at this years CEATEC show in Makuhari on October 6, 2006, outlining ACCESS strategies. ACCESS is the maker of NetFront browsers and other software at the core of DoCoMo’s i-mode. ACCESS acquired PalmSource and is developing the Access Linux Platform (ALP) based on the […]

Outsourcing Japan market research and strategy consulting to India, Philippines?? – a recipe for business failure in Japan?

Business decisions unrelated to market realities are a prime reason for failure of foreign companies in Japan In a quest to reduce market research costs, Japan market research is often outsourced to India, Philippines, Indonesia etc With shock and surprise we recently found out that a very famous telecom and IT industry market research and […]

SoftBank accounting adjustments – a Red Herring interview

SoftBank accounting adjustments Vodafone Japan turn around under SoftBank – Interview for Red Herring Helped RedHerring with an interview on the recent SoftBank accounting adjustment. The article is entitled “Softbank Falls on Lehman Cut” and appeared on the RedHerring website on August 28, 2006. Our company also recently advised a major global financial institution on […]

SoftBank rebrands Roppongi store from Vodafone red to SoftBank white/silver

SoftBank acquired Vodafone’s Japan operations and lost no time to rebrand the company Speed is one of SoftBank’s success factors On March 17, 2006 SoftBank announced the acquisition of Vodafone Japan with co-investment by Yahoo KK, sealing the end of Vodafone’s operations in Japan, and Vodafone’s exit from Japan. SoftBank did not lose a moment […]

Vodafone Japan rebranding to SoftBank

SoftBank replaces Vodafone brand in Japan Vodafone quits business in Japan having sold all operations to SoftBank Photographs below show the world famous Vodafone board on Tokyo-Shibuya’s Hachiko-square being replaced by the SoftBank advertisement from June 14, 2006. Cheese phones anyone?… Vodafone “cheese phone” and “car tire phone” posters replaced by SoftBank posters on Tokyo’s […]

Panel Discussion to 200 Japanese Executives at the Industrial Club of Japan

May 30, 2006: at the Industrial Club of Japan Panel discussion for about 200 Japanese CEOs and high level managers about the challenges of international business management. The five panelists were: James C AbbeglenAllen Miner (CEO of Sunbridge Venture Habitat, and founder of Oracle Japan) Kong Jian (China – Japan Economic Federation) Koshiro Kitazato (Chairman […]

SoftBank rebrands Vodafone Japan

Speed of the essence: SoftBank loses no time to turn around Vodafone-Japan Vodafone’s withdrawal also shows, that the values of cross-cultural management skills are often underestimated SoftBank rebrands Vodafone Japan: Saturday June 10, 2006 was the first time we saw SoftBank replacing the Vodafone brand in Japan – bringing a formal end to Europe’s largest […]

NTT Docomo acquisitions: Tower Records – No music, no life!

Docomo acquires music retail know-how and a laboratory for mobile payments at the point-of-sale NTT Docomo acquisitions: 32.34% of Tower Records a major share of Japan’s second largest Credit Card issuer Nikkei reports several NTT Docomo acquisitions: DoCoMo will use a total investment of around YEN 10 Billion (approx US$ 100 million) to acquire 32.24% […]

Japan media landscape restructuring

Japan’s broadcasting is a US$ 40 billion/year industry There have been many attempts over the years for Japan media landscape restructuring Japan’s broadcasting markets (commercial TV + NHK + CATV + satellite + AM & FM radio) have annual combined revenues on the order of US$ 40 billion. The main players in this market are […]

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