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SoftBank acquired Vodafone’s Japan operations and lost no time to rebrand the company

Speed is one of SoftBank’s success factors

On March 17, 2006 SoftBank announced the acquisition of Vodafone Japan with co-investment by Yahoo KK, sealing the end of Vodafone’s operations in Japan, and Vodafone’s exit from Japan.

SoftBank did not lose a moment to start turning Vodafone KK around, within a few days Vodafone’s former headquarters were moved to SoftBank’s headquarters in Shiodome, and most Vodafone expatriates were sent back to Europe. If you are interested to know why Vodafone decided to sell Japan operations to SoftBank and quit Japan, you can read many details here.

Yesterday (August 26, 2006) SoftBank opened the new Roppongi flagship store. SoftBank’s white/silver/grey colorscheme replaces Vodafone’s bright red:

Rebranding Vodafone KK
Rebranding Vodafone KK’s former Roppongi flagship store to the SoftBank brand, after acquisition of Vodafone KK by SoftBank
SoftBank rebrands the former Vodafone KK flagship store in Roppongi
SoftBank rebrands the former Vodafone KK flagship store in Roppongi

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