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YAHOO and Google’s mobile strategies

Japan is a couple of years ahead of Europe and US in mobile communications by most measures

What are GOOGLE and YAHOO doing in Japan’s mobile sector?

GOOGLE started mobile operations in Japan by partnering with KDDI (Japan’s No. 2 mobile operator with about 25 million mobile subscribers) to develop mobile search.

YAHOO-Japan made a large step forward when SoftBank acquired Vodafone’s Japan operations in March this year

On March 17, 2006, SoftBank and Yahoo KK (Yahoo Japan) acquired Vodafone-Japan.

SoftBank’s latest mobile phones include a “Y” = YAHOO button:

SoftBank's Yahoo button
SoftBank’s Yahoo button

Yesterday, August 26, 2006, SoftBank opened it’s new flagship store in Tokyo-Roppongi including a YAHOO-Spot:

SoftBank opens Yahoo-spots within the SoftBank stores
SoftBank opens Yahoo-spots within the SoftBank stores

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