Reduce your energy costs in Japan and Japan’s energy situation post-Fukushima

Energy costs in Japan: A presentation to diplomats from the 28 EU countries (+ Norway and Switzerland) given at the EU Delegation in Tokyo on Thursday 18 May 2017 How can you reduce your energy bills? Energy costs in Japan, how to reduce energy costs, and the current energy situation in Japan post-Fukushima are inherently […]

Angela Merkel in Japan to discuss renewable energy

German Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel in Japan March 9-10, 2015 Hopes for Japan and Germany share at least part of the path to renewable energy Germany’s Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel, Physicist with a PhD (Chancellor Angela Merkel’s PhD thesis is available here) and several scientific publications to her credit, visits Tokyo today Monday 9 March […]

Storage battery testing laboratory for batteries up to 2 MegaWatt hours

Electricity storage is crucial for the efficient use of renewable energy, especially solar and wind Japan plans to build world’s largest storage battery testing laboratory Wind farms and solar plants deliver electricity not continuously, but output depends on weather, wind and solar illumination conditions. Battery storage technology is necessary to store solar electricity produced during […]

Japan biomass electricity generation booming

Japan biomass electricity generation approaches 4 GigaWatt Renewables in Japan is not just solar… Looking superficially at Japan’s renewable energy sector, its easy to overestimate geo-thermal energy, and to underestimate biomass. Biomass electricity generation capacity is about 5 times higher than geo-thermal Currently the installed biomass electricity generation capacity is about 5 times higher than […]

Solar Japan: Japan approves a full Germany worth of renewable energy in a single month

Solar Japan: some of the world’s most attractive feed-in-tariffs In the single month of March 2014 Japan approved almost as much renewable energy projects as all solar ever installed in Germany Japan’s ten regional electricity monopoly operators traditionally kept renewable energy below 1% following an unwritten rule. Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO) kept renewable well […]

Scandinavian renewable energy conference in Tokyo

Was invited to attend the Scandinavian renewable energy conference in Tokyo. Topics covered: Electricity infrastructure, market and governance Electricity market reform in Japan Power of network and for green growth – learning from nordic experiences Nordic renewable energy sources Nordic solution for bio energy production Bioenergy from blue biomass Nordic way to increase efficiency of […]

Feed in tariff Japan for renewable energy: approvals drying up?

Feed in tariff Japan for renewable energy are about three times higher than in Germany Approvals peaked just before the latest feed in tariff reduction The figures below show an overview of renewable energy sources currently installed and operational in Japan (the majority of which is water power), and also renewable energy projects approved by […]

Japan energy – myths versus reality, mantra versus smart

A lecture a the Embassy of Sweden for the Stockholm School of Economics European Institute for Japanese Studies EIJS Outline of the lecture: Energy and DNA Energy and Physics, why you need to understand physics to understand energy Ludwig Boltzmann’s tools and laws to work with energy Myth versus reality, mantra versus smart – psychology […]

94% of renewable energy projects approved under Japan’s feed-in-tariff programs are for solar energy generation

Japan’s feed in tariff for renewable energy Almost all projects are for solar energy Feed-in-tariffs for renewable energy where introduced in two stages in Japan. Large scale introduction of feed-in-tariffs (FIT) started with the Law entitled “Special measures concerning renewable energy electric power procurement by operators of electrical utilities law” which came into force on […]

Growth in Japan: the SoftBank group

SoftBank gaining market share in Japan SoftBank market cap catching up with Docomo Mobile subscription data released last week show, that the SoftBank group continues to gain market share while incumbent NTT-docomo continues to lose market share – an upward trend for SoftBank, and a downward trend for NTT-docomo essentially unbroken since SoftBank acquired Vodafone-Japan […]

Masayoshi Son: “I am a man – and I want to be Number 1”

SoftBank aims for global No. 1 position…acquiring SPRINT on the way to the top SoftBank: towards global No. 1 with a 300 year vision To understand SoftBank, and the planned SPRINT acquisition, you need to understand Masayoshi Son – and Masayoshi Son says: “I am a man – and I want to be Number 1”. […]

Japan ought to be heaven for renewable energy (The Economist)

Industry Ministry METI announces renewable energy sources admitted to the feed-in-tariff program Reversing the decline of renewable energy in Japan A few days ago Japan’s industry ministry METI announced the most recent data on renewable energy sources in Japan admitted under the feed-in-tariff (FIT) regulations introduced on July 1, 2012. We have updated our report […]

Japan to reverse decline of renewable energy – Renewables declined from 25% to 10%

Japan’s renewable energy generation is overwhelmingly water power Japan to reverse decline of renewable energy. The ratio of renewable power generation has decreased from 25% of total electricity generation in 1970 to 10% today. Extremely aggressive feed-in tariffs (FIT) for renewable energy introduced in July 2012 are showing first modest results to reverse this trend […]

Japan’s energy foxtrot: Two steps forward one step back

Two steps forward one step back: describes a frog struggling to climb out of a well, slipping back one step on the ladder for each two steps upwards out of the well Before the Fukushima disaster, Japan’s energy policy, strategy and execution were essentially decided behind closed doors by a small group of (about 100) […]

Japan’s new energy strategy: much more than nuclear exit

Japan’s Cabinet released Japan’s new “Innovative Energy and Environmental Strategy” Japan’s new energy strategy Last Friday, September 14, 2012, Japan’s Cabinet released Japan’s new “Innovative Energy and Environmental Strategy”, which the Cabinet is required to produce by law, and which actually contains much more than the plan to work towards a future nuclear power free […]

Joe Oliver: Briefing the Minister for Energy and Natural Resources of Canada

Joe Oliver, Minister for Energy and Natural Resources of Canada Was asked today to be one of a group of about 5 Japanese experts to brief the Minister for Energy and Natural Resources of Canada, Mr Joe Oliver. We were asked to keep the conversation off-the-record, so I can’t write about the meeting. Minister Oliver […]

Japan energy dilemma

Japanese law requires the government to have an energy strategy plan in place Keep nuclear power off – or restart nuclear? Japan’s current energy strategy plan provides for nuclear power to provide 30% of the electricity, rising to 50% in a few years by building additional nuclear power stations. However, contrary to the current strategy […]

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