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Was invited to attend the Scandinavian renewable energy conference in Tokyo.

Topics covered:

  • Electricity infrastructure, market and governance
    • Electricity market reform in Japan
    • Power of network and for green growth – learning from nordic experiences
  • Nordic renewable energy sources
    • Nordic solution for bio energy production
    • Bioenergy from blue biomass
    • Nordic way to increase efficiency of hydro power production
    • Norwegian PV, the benefit to Japan
    • Offshore wind market and technology
  • Nordic experiences in green solutions
    • Agriculture districts as energy supplier
    • Smart grids for a sustainable society
    • Nordic way to increase efficiency of hydro power production
    • Sustainable Stockholm –the greater context
    • Hydrogen as energy carrier in future energy system
    • Geothermal Utilization
  • Panel discussion: sustainable future – the role of communities

A great day of talks and discussions was followed by a reception hosted by the Scandinavian Ambassadors and more great discussions.

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