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Japan trends 2008/2009

One of our clients in the financial industry asked me several trend questions:

  1. Q1: Biggest surprises in Japan in 2008?
    • Collapse of Japan’s mobile phone handset market (read our blog). In this context the Japanese telecom equipment makers association invited me to give a presentation, which was booked out 2-3 weeks ahead – about 100 Japanese telecom equipment maker managers attended! The General Affairs Vice-Minister / Secretary of State attended….
    • The dramatic increase of acquisitions by Japanese companies:
  2. Q2: Biggest changes for 2009?
    • Hopefully LED/Solid state lighting going mainstream to save energy
    • Batteries and solar cells in combination starting to replace petrol for cars
    • Solar cell battle (between Q-cells, SHARP and others)
  3. Q3: Key topics in Japanese media for 2009?
    • Financial crisis and reviving the economy
    • Crisis of the car industry – and car industry’s paradigm shift

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