5 top tips for mobile marketing?

Answering the question: “What are the 5 top tips for mobile marketing”

Our company worked for several of the world’s largest consumer companies on mobile marketing here in Tokyo/Japan.- Many of Japan’s mobile trends usually move to Europe and US within about 3-5 years. So here are some tips from our work on mobile marketing in Tokyo/Japan:

  1. Leverage spontaneity: use the “here & now” effect of mobile

Mobile phones are among the very few privileged items almost all people carry on their body at all times and allow people to react on the spot. Mobile phones allow people to buy “here and now”, on the street, on the toilet, from bed, changing trains, waiting for a bus etc. Successful mobile marketing campaigns use this “here and now” effect. As an example, see the iPod campaign in Tokyo-Shibuya, or the North-West Airlines campaign in Tokyo/Shinjuku (discussed in detail in our QR-code report).

  1. Provide real value

Things work best when people perceive and actually receive real value. For example, an airline seat, or a share purchasing/selling transaction at the moment they want it. Don’t disappoint people by promising value, which you don’t deliver.

  1. Make it fast: close a transaction in seconds not minutes

Mobile phones are mostly used in short bursts. Attention span is short. Apple’s iPod campaign allowed people to buy an iPod from the Apple store via mobile phone here and now, in a very short time (find a detailed description in our QR-code report)

  1. Do innovate if its really new – but don’t re-invent the wheel

Japan is a huge mobile laboratory – many mobile business models discussed in Europe or US now have already been tested out years ago in Japan. Read our reports,
search on the internet, or do thorough market research in Japan

  1. Treasure security – your mobile sites need to be more secure than websites, not less secure

Customer data lost via mobile phones, or a hacked mobile banking site is just as disastrous as if the same occurs for a fixed line traditional website. Mobile sites can potentially be broken from remote locations in your own country or from a country you wish you never had to deal with.

We worked on security of mobile financial industry sites.

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