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25 Top Grossing iPhone Apps of June 6, 2015 (All Categories)

Eurotechnology report: JAPAN
  1. No. 1 Monster strike (by Mixi)
  2. No. 2 Puzzle & Dragons by GungHo
  3. No. 3 FINAL FANTASY Record Keeper by DeNA
  4. No. 4 LINE by LINE Corporation
  5. No. 5「実況パワフルプロ野球」”Actual powerful pro base ball” by KONAMI
  6. No. 6「LINE: ディズニーツムツム」LINE Disney tsumu tsumu (by LINE Corporation & Disney)
  7. No. 7「チェインクロニクル・本格シナリオRPG/エヒクロ」”Chain chronicle original scenario RPG / Chaincro” by SEGA Corporation
  8. No. 8「白猫プロジェクト」”White Cat project” by COLOPL Inc.
  9. No. 9 Love life! School Idol Festival by KLab Inc.
  10. No. 10 MOBIUS FINAL FANTASY by Square Enix Inc.
  11. No. 11 「剣と魔法のログレスいにしえの女神・人気の本格オンラインRPG」Sword and sorcery. Logres of Swords and Sorcery – original popular online RPG by Marvelous Inc.
  12. No. 12 Clash of Clans by Supercell. Supercell is now valued at US$ 5.3 billion and 73.2% owned by SoftBank.
  13. No. 13 LINE PokoPoko by LINE Corporation
  14. No. 14 「クイズRPG 魔法使いと黒猫のウィズ」”Quiz RPG magic using black cat whiz” by COLOPL Inc.
  15. No. 15 「戦国炎舞 ‐KIZNA‐ 【人気の本格戦国RPG】」Sengoku Enbu – KIZNA – (popular true waring states RPG) by Sumzap Inc (株式会社サムザップ) (Sumzap Inc. is a 100% owned subsidiary of CyberAgent Corporation).
  16. No. 16 Dragon poker by Asobism Co Ltd
  17. No. 17 「グランブルーファンタジー】」Grandblue Fantasy by Cygames Inc. (Cygames is a joint-venture company between CyberAgent (74.04%) and DeNA (24.03%), originally founded in May 2011 as a subsidiary of CyberAgent Corporation)
  18. No. 18 Dragon Quest Monsters Superlight (by Square Enix)
  19. No. 19 OnePiece Treasure Cruise (by Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc)
  20. No. 20 Game of War – Fire Age by Machine Zone Inc. (a Palo Alto based game venture company)
  21. No. 21 Summoners War by Com2uS Corporation (a South Korean game developer company)
  22. No. 22 Tsuri Suta (Tsuri = Angling) (by GREE)
  23. No. 23 LINE Manga – free popular manga, daily renewed content by LINE Corporation
  24. No. 24 Hunter x Hunter Battle Allstars (by NamcoBandai Games Inc)
  25. No. 25 Puyo puyo!! Quest (by Sega Corporation)

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Japan smartphone game business
Japan smartphone game business

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