94% of renewable energy projects approved under Japan’s feed-in-tariff programs are for solar energy generation

Japan’s feed in tariff for renewable energy Almost all projects are for solar energy Feed-in-tariffs for renewable energy where introduced in two stages in Japan. Large scale introduction of feed-in-tariffs (FIT) started with the Law entitled “Special measures concerning renewable energy electric power procurement by operators of electrical utilities law” which came into force on […]

FTTH Japan Europe: more FTTH broadband subscriptions in Japan than in all of EU + Norway + Switzerland + Iceland

Japan has more broadband fixed internet subscriptions than all of the European Union + Switzerland + Norway + Iceland FTTH Japan Europe:While Japan initially was late in waking up to the commercial introduction of the Internet – Japan was fast to catch up and overtake Japan alone currently has about 30% more FTTH optical fiber […]

Overview of Japan’s Data Center Landscape (opening keynote)

“Overview of Japan’s Data Center Landscape” (Opening keynote) Speaker: Gerhard Fasol May 22, 2013 9:15-9:45 Tokyo Convention Hall, Great Hall on 5th Floor, TOKYO SQUARE GARDEN, 3-1-1 Kyobashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo Data Center Summit Tokyo Data Center Summit Tokyo (Japanese text only)

Japan’s electronics giants – FY2012 results announced. 17 years of no growth and no profits.

Japan’s electronics giants: as large as the economy of Holland, but 17 years of stagnation. No growth & no profits. Daniel Loeb: SONY’s uninvited guest gives Japan’s business culture a jolt Japan’s electronics giants combined are as large as the economy of Holland, but did not grow for about 17 years, and on average lost […]

Growth in Japan: the SoftBank group

SoftBank gaining market share in Japan SoftBank market cap catching up with Docomo Mobile subscription data released last week show, that the SoftBank group continues to gain market share while incumbent NTT-docomo continues to lose market share – an upward trend for SoftBank, and a downward trend for NTT-docomo essentially unbroken since SoftBank acquired Vodafone-Japan […]

SONY results for FY2012 (ended March 31, 2013)

SONY’s first profits in 4 years come from selling assets and buildings SONY results for FY2012- BBC interview SONY announced annual financial results today, and BBC interviewed me twice to comment on the results (read comments here on the BBC website). After 4 years of net losses, it is comforting to see SONY report profits […]

Masayoshi Son: “I am a man – and I want to be Number 1”

SoftBank aims for global No. 1 position…acquiring SPRINT on the way to the top SoftBank: towards global No. 1 with a 300 year vision To understand SoftBank, and the planned SPRINT acquisition, you need to understand Masayoshi Son – and Masayoshi Son says: “I am a man – and I want to be Number 1”. […]

Japan telecom sector financial results and the Softbank-Sprint take-over battle

SoftBank seeks to win, where Docomo failed – taking Japan’s telecoms know-how global Japan telecom sector financial results: very very healthy With SoftBank and DISH battling for US mobile operator SPRINT, the eyes are on Japan’s very healthy mobile phone sector, which a few days ago announced financial results for FY 2012. Japan’s mobile operators […]

US$ 15 billion losses for Japan’s electricity sector continue

On April 30 Japan’s electricity operators announced their financial results for the financial year that ended on March 31. Japan’s ten regional electricity operators again announced combined net losses in excess of US$ 15 billion for the Financial Year ending March 31, 2013, similar in size as the previous year: energy remains one of Japan’s […]

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