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72.5% of all digital mobile TV on this planet earth is in Japan

About 50 million mobile phones equipped with digital terrestrial mobile TV (“oneseg”) have been delivered up until today – not counting “oneseg” tuners for PCs, car navigation units and stand-alone units. Comparing this number with reports of mobile TV roll-out in other countries around the world, we conclude that 72.5% of todays mobile phones with mobile TV are in Japan.

How much mobile TV do Japanese people watch on their mobile phones?
In the latest version of our mobile-TV report, we explain in detail our methods to determine that averaged over all of Japan’s population of 125 million (including those who don’t have a mobile-TV yet), the average viewing time is between 0.4 – 2.3 hours of mobile TV / month. WOW!

Mobile TV 2.0 (OneSeg-2)
Not surprisingly, Japan’s media giants are now starting to move, and develop programming specially designed for mobile TV: for example “lunchbox” mobile TV broadcast to mobile phones from 12:00noon – 12:40pm weekdays with news, weather, diet information, summaries of TV shows… it’s only a question of weeks or months now in Japan for mobile TV to develop into a totally new advertising and m-commerce medium, and some has started already.

Starting the global mobile internet revolution with i-Mode in February 1999, we can see Japan’s leadership emerging in the mobile TV arena. Japan’s challenge is to leverage this know-how globally, Japan missed this chance with i-Mode and left the field to iPhone and friends!

In December 2008 97.5% of global mobile TV was in Japan and S-Korea
In December 2008 97.5% of global mobile TV was in Japan and S-Korea

72.5% of all mobile phones with digital TV globally are in Japan:
In the same way as with mobile internet (i-mode), Japan is again the global forerunner in mobile TV, together with South Korea.

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