beeTV – DoCoMo’s new mobile TV

Japan leads mobile phone experimentation Japan introduces and tests a large range of experimental and innovative mobile services On May 1, 2009, DoCoMo in cooperation with media firm Avex started the mobile TV beeTV which brings 8 channels including a MOOLOG Channel (MOOLOG = MOOvie-bLOG) beeTV is an indicator how Mobile TV may impact Japan’s […]

72.5% of all digital mobile TV on this planet earth is in Japan

About 50 million mobile phones equipped with digital terrestrial mobile TV (“oneseg”) have been delivered up until today – not counting “oneseg” tuners for PCs, car navigation units and stand-alone units. Comparing this number with reports of mobile TV roll-out in other countries around the world, we conclude that 72.5% of todays mobile phones with […]

75% of mobile phones in Japan ship with digital mobile TV

Digital mobile TV started in Japan in 2005 – about 3 years ago: KDDI/AU sold the first phones with digital mobile TV starting in October 2005, at the same time mobile TV was available for public testing. The official commercial service of mobile TV started on April 1, 2006. Today more than 75% ship with […]


1-SEG? One-Seg? wansegu? In Japan the nickname for digital mobile TV is written in Katakana: ワンセグ (pronounced wansegu). Japanese people love to abbreviate – oneseg is short for One Segment. Why? The reason is technical: digital TV is broadcast in certain radio frequency channels. Each TV station (e.g. NHK, Fuji-TV, TBS etc) uses one particular […]

Mobile TV

Digital mobile TV started officially in Japan on April 1, 2006 after several months of testing. Japan’s media industry is large – Japan’s broadcasting industry alone is about US$ 40 billion sales/year, so mobile-TV will probably develop into a multibillion-$ industry over the next few years. At the moment there is a chicken-and-egg situation: content […]

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