eMobile: "New age" mobile operator innovates

“New Age” mobile operator eMobile started with a “green field” nationwide HSDPA 3G network offering commercial services since March 31, 2007. By August 2008, eMobile has attracted more than 750,000 subscribers. eMobile‘s network covers about 85% of Japan at this time. At an investors conference, eMobile‘s CEO recently explained, how his company could reduce the […]

Iscar Ltd of Israel acquired Japanese tungsten carbide tool maker Tungaloy for US$ 1 billion

Overview of Europe -> Japan direct investments and M&A Overview of Japan -> Europe direct investments and M&A The Israeli company Iscar has completed the acquisition of Japanese competitor Tungaloy Corporation. Iscar acquired more than 90% of outstanding shares for around US$ 1 billion from Nomura Principal Finance Co. Iscar is the world’s second largest […]

H&M success in Japan: green field market entry to Japan

H&M opened the first store in Japan in Tokyo-Ginza on September 13, 2008 Long queues in the first few days: 8000 shoppers/day H&M entered Japan‘s apparel market initially using a green field strategy, opening stores. On September 13, 2008, H&M opened the first store in Japan in Ginza, and is planning two more stores in […]

LDP President (and candidates for the next Prime Minister) present their message

The candidates for the next President of the LDP (Liberal Democratic Party) of Japan presented their views and answered questions at the FCCJ in Tokyo to the foreign press. An LDP party electoral college (387 Diet members + 141 regional representatives, in total 528 votes) will vote to select the president on September 22, 2008, […]

Japan electronics industry: Outlook for the Chip Industry (CNBC TV interview)

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XBOX Japan entry

XBOX still faces difficulties in Japan XBOX Japan entry: Microsoft reduces prices by 30% Microsoft announced to reduce prices for Xbox-360 by 30% in Japan. We believe that this price reduction will not be enough to bring the breakthrough for Xbox in Japan. Nintendo has reinvented the game industry, created a completely new paradigm. Nintendo […]

XBOX Japan strategy – Microsoft still struggling

Microsoft XBOX introduced XBOX to Japan on February 22, 2002 XBOX Japan Strategy – CNBC interview Microsoft introduced the original XBOX game console in the USA on November 15, 2001, in Japan on February 22, 2002, and in Europe on March 14, 2002. During the period January-June 2005, three years after introduction of the XBOX […]

Assessing Japan’s Gaming Sector (CNBC TV interview)

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