eMobile: "New age" mobile operator innovates

“New Age” mobile operator eMobile started with a “green field” nationwide HSDPA 3G network offering commercial services since March 31, 2007. By August 2008, eMobile has attracted more than 750,000 subscribers. eMobile‘s network covers about 85% of Japan at this time.

At an investors conference, eMobile‘s CEO recently explained, how his company could reduce the costs of the radio network and base stations down to 1/5th – 1/8th of the costs his competitors pay, by carefully selecting the two best base station manufacturers/vendors. Read who these two base station manufacturers are (one of them may be an unexpected choice) in the newest edition of our eMobile – report.

The US$ 1 laptop:

eMobile offers a US$ 1 (YEN 100) laptop – in combination with a 2 year 7.2 Mbps true flat-fee data subscription.

(note that this flat data fee plan has absolutely no data limit. Totally unlimited data plans for laptops are uncommon in Europe and US, where most “flat” data plans come with a very low “fair use” limit above which prices increase dramatically). Low priced laptops are a huge market success in Japan and put pressure on traditional laptop makers. eMobile offers subsidized Asus EEE’s / ASUSTeK EEE’s – and many other laptops, including also iBooks.

100 yen laptop with mobile subscription
100 yen laptop with mobile subscription

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