Why Japan is several years ahead of Europe in telecoms and broadband?

Briefing at the European Union Embassy following Vodafone’s failure in Japan and what Europe can do to catch up? Today (March 23, 2006) I was invited to brief the Technology Attaches of the Embassies of the 25 European Union countries here in Tokyo about the topic “Why Japan is several years ahead of Europe in […]

Softbank acquires Vodafone Japan with co-investment from Yahoo KK

The Deal seals Vodafone’s exit from Japan Softbank acquires Vodafone Japan in an approx. US$ 15 billion deal – worth an estimated US$ 83 billion ten years later SoftBank and Yahoo-Japan acquired 97.7% of outstanding shares of Vodafone Japan (Vodafone KK) in Japan’s largest M&A transaction (the remaining 2.3% are owned by other investors). In […]

Vodafone Japan fail: Why did Vodafone lose the opportunity of US$ 83 billion value, and help jumpstart the growth of SoftBank

Vodafone’s opportunity cost of US$ 83 billion, asset write-down by £28bn (= approx. US$ 50 billion) in 2006, and kicking off SoftBank’s meteoric rise Vodafone Japan fail: learn from the missed US$ 83 billion opportunity in Japan Vodafone Japan fail: a painful lesson for the Vodafone group, and the jumpstart for SoftBank’s meteoric rise Don’t […]

Mobile music taking off in Japan

i-Tunes Music Store (ITMS) kick-started internet music downloads in Japan i-Tunes Music Store (ITMS) kick-started internet music downloads in Japan, which were falling just before ITMS arrived: i-Tunes & i-Pod themselves are under attack in Japan i-Tunes & i-Pod themselves are under attack by KDDI‘s “au Listen Mobile Service” – LISMO!, which includes sophisticated viral […]

Vodafone in Japan? A dramatic change of Vodafone’s mind?

“Vodafone K.K.’s Tsuda, 津田志郎, seeks growth in Japan, not sale” However, sale to SoftBank may be the way forward About one year ago, in an interview with Bloomberg (“Vodafone KK’s Tsuda seeks growth in Japan, not sale“), I mentioned that a sale of Vodafone’s Japan operations to Softbank might be the way Vodafone will go […]

On Germany’s national network about FeliCa wallet phones and other mobile trends

Got interviewed about mobile FeliCa and other mobile trends in Japan by Germany’s largest broadcasting network ARD: read text of program here listen to the broadcast here (in German) Much of this broadcast is based on our presentation: Japan’s telecom sector Preview – Mobile payment Japan, e-money and mobile credit report: Register and receive an […]

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