When did qr-codes start on mobile phones? (in August 2002)

qr-codes were developed by Toyota subsidiary denso-wave When did qr-codes start on mobile phones: First mobile phone with qr-code reader was the J-SH09 by SHARP for Japanese mobile operator J-Phone When did qr-codes for mobile phones start in Japan? Here is the answer: the first mobile phone with qr-code reader was the J-SH09 produced by […]

Top 10 mobile trends for 2009

Answering the question “Top 10 mobile trends for 2009: what would you choose?” We answer from our perspective here in Tokyo: Mobile payments and wallet phonessee our mobile payment report GPS and location based services (LBS) such as navigation and mapping see our location based services (LBS) report Mobile search including location related search QR […]

Mobile marketing with QR-code

If your business requires interacting with lots of people in Japan, if you are offering services to consumers, or just as a convenience offered on your business cards – think about QR codes: Eurotechnology Japan blog: Mobile marketing with QR-code Copyright (c) 2013 Eurotechnology Japan KK All Rights Reserved

Mickey mouse and Disneychannel use QR-Codes

Disneychannel places advertisements with huge QR-code on Tokyo’s roofs. People passing by point their mobile phones at Mickey’s QR-code, and the mobile phone takes them to Disneychannel’s mobile site. QR codes were developed in the 1990s by Toyota affiliate Denso-Wave to manage car parts – today they are by far the best way to link […]

European Central Bank (ECB) uses QR-codes

QR codes were developed in the 1990s to manage car parts – today they are by far the best way to link mobile phones to almost anything. In many applications QR codes are cheaper, easier, more flexible and more secure than RFID and NFC. The European Central Bank (based in Frankfurt) manages the EURO, is […]

Customized QR code using in-built redundancy to display color and embedded graphics

QR codes in color and with embedded graphics using in-built redundancy QR codes for mobile phones started in Japan in August 2002 QR codes have been developed around 1994 by Toyota subsidiary Denso Wave – about 20 years ago- for car parts management at Toyota’s factories, and the first applications of QR codes for mobile […]

Barcodes for mobile payment

Mobile operators expand into mobile payments and mobile credit Mobile phones use qr codes for payments Japan’s mobile operators DoCoMo, KDDI/AU and SoftBank are expanding their business into mobile payment and mobile credit, traditionally the realm of banks, credit card companies, financial institutions and cash. With the bubble/post-bubble bad loans problem largely resolved and the […]

Mobile marketing with QR-code

QR codes (QR = “quick response”) have a lot more capacity than conventional bar codes: Marketing i-Pod-nano with QR-code: QR-code takes you directly to the mobile Apple store to buy your i-Pod-nano here and now on the road (read a detailed description of the Apple i-Pod QR-code campaign in our QR-Code report): More about:– QR-codes […]

QR codes everywhere

QR codes are everywhere in Tokyo – they have become probably one of the most important input tools for mobile phones… We published our brand-new QR code report today Copyright·©1997-2013 ·Eurotechnology Japan KK·All Rights Reserved·

QR-codes everywhere…

QR-codes (QR =Quick Response) seem to be everywhere. Amazon.co.jp has an i-Appli, which reads the ISBN from the barcode on the back of a book and takes you directly to the Amazon.co.jp i-mode site to order the book instead of buying it in the bookshop. People in the mobile industry have QR-codes on their business […]

Amazon.co.jp captures mobile purchases directly inside competing brick-and-mortar stores with barcode i-appli

Amazon.co.jp introduced a barcode reader i-Appli (JAVA application for DoCoMo’s i-Mode phones), with which shoppers in brick-and-mortar stores can directly compare the prices with Amazon.co.jp’s mobile webstore prices. If the shopper prefers, he/she can order directly by i-Mode mobile phone from Amazon.co.jp online while still standing in front of the shelves of the brick-and-mortar store. […]

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