QR codes

Customized QR code using in-built redundancy to display color and embedded graphics

QR codes in color and with embedded graphics using in-built redundancy

by Gerhard Fasol

QR codes for mobile phones started in Japan in August 2002

QR codes have been developed around 1994 by Toyota subsidiary Denso Wave – about 20 years ago- for car parts management at Toyota’s factories, and the first applications of QR codes for mobile phones came to market back in August 2002 – about 11 years ago here in Japan.

Thus there have been over 10 years of development and testing of many different types of applications of QR codes here in Japan, ranging from immigration control and visa, to mobile payments, ticketing and of course marketing and advertising. We have collected about 105 applications of QR codes, mainly in Japan in our QR code report.

Customized QR code: QR code error correction and redundancy can be used to include images and colors

QR-codes turn out to be the killer-app for camera phones – not MMS.

QR-codes have become ubiquitous in Japan since their first introduction to mobile phones in Japan in August 2002, and link mobile phones to life in many ways. QR-codes are usually the quickest, most efficient and cheapest way to link mobile phones to information in daily life, and to provide feedback in both directions, and even for user-to-user interactions.

QR-codes do not have to be in boring black-and-white:

Customized QR code: Decorative QR codes in all colors
Decorative QR codes in all colors

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