Customized QR code using in-built redundancy to display color and embedded graphics
Customized QR code using in-built redundancy to display color and embedded graphics

QR code applications report

qr code applications for ticketing, mobile payments, transportation, advertising and marketing and more

Version 19 of May 18, 2014
pdf file, approx. 239 pages, 17 Figures, 250 Photos, 21 Tables, 12 Mbyte

Lead author: Gerhard Fasol, works since 1984 with Japan’s technology industries.

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Summary – QR code applications report:

QR codes are hot and usage is exploding throughout the world. QR codes are used through Japan to link mobile phone users to information and services, and in industry. QR codes were developed around 1994 for the management of car parts and were first introduced to mobile phones in 2002. QR codes help to overcome one of the most important barriers to mobile commerce and mobile content sales. This report explains the essentials of QR codes and QR code mark-up for mobile phone use, and shows 105 of the most interesting application examples from many different areas of business, collected and analyzed in Japan over the last years. Eurotechnology Japan Reports are used throughout the world by mobile operators, equipment, IC and software makers for business planning, sales, decision making, by investment bankers and VC funds, and by students, Universities, Embassies and Government agencies. Our reports have also been used to research prior art in patent cases – for this purpose contact us to obtain earlier dated versions (back copies) of our reports.

Table of Contents – QR code applications report:

  • Executive Summary: QR code for mobile phones
  • QR Code = Quick response code
    Fundamentals and overview
    QR code vs conventional bar code
    QR code information capacity
    Different types of 2D bar codes
    QR code: main characteristics
    QR code standardization
    QR code error correction
    QR code information capacity
    QR code for mobile phones: maximum capacity
  • QR codes – the solutionto one of the biggest problems for mobile commerce
    QR code as a solution
    QR codes vs RFID
  • Penetration statistics:
    Which percentage of consumers knows about QR codes (2004 – 2008)
    Which percentage of consumers uses QR codes (2004 – 2009)
    How often per week are qr codes typically used
    How are QR codes used?
  • QR code functionality and mark-up for mobile phone data input
    QR code funcationality and mark-up for mobile phones
    Types of QR code input
    Telephone/address book entry
    URL bookmark
    i-Appli, JAVA applications, apps
  • 105 applications of QR codes:
    in retail
    for marketing
    for customer relationship management
    for restaurants and bars
    for fast moving consumer goods, drinks and cosmetics
    for fashion
    for music
    for TV program guides and events
    for real estate and apartment rentals
    for m-commerce and to sell content
    on skin, tagging people
    for advertising on the streets
    street art
    for railways
    for maps, navigation and location dependent services
    to link objects and information
    on business cards
    linking websites to mobile sites
    for pay WiFi log-in
    to pay bills
    comparing prices
    for security
    for government applications: building permits, construction permits, immigration control, visas,
    “adult” QR, advertising for dating sites and AIDS education
  • Color codes
    ColorZip codes
  • Summary

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