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Top 10 mobile trends for 2009

Answering the question “Top 10 mobile trends for 2009: what would you choose?” We answer from our perspective here in Tokyo:

  1. Mobile payments and wallet phones
    see our mobile payment report
  2. GPS and location based services (LBS) such as navigation and mapping
    see our location based services (LBS) report
  3. Mobile search including location related search
  4. QR codes and other 2D bar codes for information input into mobile phones
    see our location based services (LBS) report
  5. Ultra low cost mobile phones for low end not only in emerging markets but also in advanced countries in economic crisis times
  6. Subsidized $1 mini-laptops with flat rate HSDPA (7.2Mbps) data plans
  7. WiMax networks come into commercial service
  8. Embedded B2B applications
  9. Beautiful OLED ultra-high resolution screens (bigger than iPhone displays)
  10. Mobile agent services

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