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SHARP pretax profit increases 26%

When BusinessWeek interviewed me for an article about SHARP in October 2004, the journalist interviewing me was very surprised that I was talking to him on a SHARP mobile phone.

While NEC and Matsushita are merging their mobile phone development, SHARP has leveraged the power to make the best displays into market leadership in Japan’s mobile phone market. While NOKIA leads outside Japan, in Japan’s market, NOKIA has a market share of around 0.5% and SHARP is No. 1.

Yesterday (July 25, 2006) SHARP announced quarterly results:

One year-on-year basis, sales for the April-June 2006 quarter have increased 13% to YEN 693.7 Billion (US$ 6 Billion), and revenues from mobile phones have increased 24% to YEN 131.6 Billion (US$ 1.1 Billion). Net profit increased 23% to YEN 23.8 Billion (US$ 0.2 Billion) for the April-June quarter.

SHARP focuses on the high quality top end of the market: while store prices of LCD TV’s have fallen by 30%, SHARP’s prices/unit have only fallen by 4%.

Similar to SONY (Qualia) and TOYOTA (Lexus), SHARP has introduced the new brand AQUOS for high-end liquid crystal displays. AQUOS features prominently in SoftBank’s rebranding campaign for Vodafone’s former Japan subsidiary, which will soon be called SoftBank-Mobile.

SHARP mobile phone
SHARP mobile phone

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