3G RAZR for DoCoMo and i-Mode

At the Wireless Japan Exhibition, DoCoMo showed two types of Motorola’s RAZR phone for 3G:

  • one RAZR purely for 3G, including i-Mode, for DoCoMo’s FOMA 3G service. This phone has similar dimensions as the standard US version of RAZR (shown on the left hand side of the image below)
  • a second, much thicker version of RAZR for international roaming (shown on the right hand side of the image below), which includes a FOMA/3G/wCDMA/UMTS modem and a GSM modem
Motorola's RAZR for NTT docomo
Motorola’s RAZR for NTT docomo
Motorola's RAZR for NTT docomo's 3G network
Motorola’s RAZR for NTT docomo’s 3G network

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