SMS is a staggering success – mobile email in Japan is a three times more staggering success

The Mobile Data Association (MDA) announced in a press release on November 25th, 2005 under the headline “Text messaging soars during October” that SMS sent in the UK during October 2005 “have soared … to a staggering … 93.5 million SMS/day”. Read below to find out that Japan’s numbers are at least three times more […]

Wireless internet grows by about 0.5 million/month in Japan

Japan’s mobile internet is a growth market with about 0.5 Million new subscriptions/month – Japan’s mobile internet grows by about one Finland per year, and even more in terms of ARPU! This growth today is shared almost 50%/50% between DoCoMo’s i-Mode and KDDI’s EZweb. Vodafone’s subscriber numbers on the other hand have been more or […]

About SANYO (CNBC and Wallstreet Journal)

Wednesday Nov 16, 2005, I was interviewed live on CBNC’s Asia Market Wrap with Christine Tan about SANYO’s plans to sell it’s financial division. Some of my friends asked me what I sad in this program – so here is my transcript from memory. Here is roughly what I said: Fundamentally I am very hopeful […]

Mobile marketing with QR-code

QR codes (QR = “quick response”) have a lot more capacity than conventional bar codes: Marketing i-Pod-nano with QR-code: QR-code takes you directly to the mobile Apple store to buy your i-Pod-nano here and now on the road (read a detailed description of the Apple i-Pod QR-code campaign in our QR-Code report): More about:– QR-codes […]

XBOX 360 Japan Lounge Tokyo Aoyama

No breakthrough for XBOX in Japan yet XBOX promotion in Tokyo XBox has not yet achieved the breakthrough in Japan’s competitive game markets – and Microsoft is relentlessly working to make XBox a success in Japan. Japan game market report (398 pages, pdf-file): [buy] [subscribe] [information][slideshare preview] The new “XBox 360 Lounge” in Tokyo/Aoyama Japan […]

NTT Docomo acquisitions: Tower Records – No music, no life!

Docomo acquires music retail know-how and a laboratory for mobile payments at the point-of-sale NTT Docomo acquisitions: 32.34% of Tower Records a major share of Japan’s second largest Credit Card issuer Nikkei reports several NTT Docomo acquisitions: DoCoMo will use a total investment of around YEN 10 Billion (approx US$ 100 million) to acquire 32.24% […]

BBC TV interview about FeliCa wallet phones

Read our CEO’s interview on BBC World TV about FeliCa wallet phones. Watch the movie of the interview:Windows Media Player – Bandwith = Low|Medium|HighReal Player – Bandwith = Low|Medium|High Read our report Mobile payments in Japan. Copyright·©2013 ·Eurotechnology Japan KK·All Rights Reserved·

Presentations at CIAJ and CEATEC

The Communications and Information Network Association of Japan (CIAJ) and the CEATEC trade exhibition invited our CEO to brief Japanese executives on the differences between Europe’s and Japan’s mobile phone markets, opportunities for Japanese mobile phone companies in Europe and difficulties for Japanese companies to overcome in Europe Presentation at CIAJ Headquarters on Friday, September […]

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