Games: Nintendo – the winner takes it all

Game industries in total are MUCH bigger than music industries… in Japan game industries are about 10 times bigger business than music industries… Last weekend we had the Tokyo Game Show – read some key points below! From 2006 Japan’s game sector changed dramatically- Nintendo created several paradigm shifts, and “took off”. Read more about […]

Assessing Japan’s Gaming Sector (CNBC TV interview)

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PSP’s wLAN connection

SONY‘s PSP includes wLAN connectivity – this image shows our company homepage displayed on a PSP’ internet browser SONY’s PSP can be used as a VOIP telephone – and has a variety of other disruptive functionalities… more in our J-Games report. At the moment PSP is being outsold by Nintendo’s DS. Copyright·©2013 ·Eurotechnology Japan KK·All […]

Tokyo Game Show TGS2004 (Sept 24-26, 2004): breakthrough for native mobile games

Mobile phone games at the center of TGS2004 by Gerhard Fasol Docomo at the center of attention with JAVA native mobile games for i-Mode The annual “Tokyo Game Show” sets trends and is a must for game professionals and fans. More than 100 companies exhibit. This years highlight is the SONY “PlayStation Portable” – PSP […]

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