3G mobile diversity in China

China’s Ministry MIIT granted three different 3G cellphone licenses on January 7, 2009: a TD-SCDMA license to China Mobile (457 million GSM subscribers) a wCDMA license to China Unicom (133 million GSM subscribers) a CDMA2000 license to China Telecom (43 million CDMA subscribers acquired in 2008 from China Unicom, 216 million fixnet phone subscribers, 38 […]

Last 2G phone shipped 8 months ago in Japan

Second generation (2G) phones silently bowed out of Japan’s market 8 months ago: the last 2G phones in Japan were shipped in December 2007. KDDI/AU switched off their 2G radio network in March this year, and both DoCoMo and SoftBank announced that they will switch off their slow and expensive 2G networks in the very […]

Will the iPhone trigger a turning point in Japan’s mobile phone industry?

Tetsuzo Matsumoto (Senior Executive Vice-President and Board Member of SOFTBANK MOBILE Corporation), Gerhard Fasol (CEO, Eurotechnology Japan KK)and Dennis Normile (Japan Correspondent of SCIENCE Magazine, and FCCJ) discuss about the future of Japan’s mobile phone market. “Will the iPhone trigger a turning point in Japan’s mobile phone industry?”(Foreign Correspondents’ Club of Japan, Tokyo Wednesday, August […]

How many iPhones were sold in July 2008 in Japan?

How many iPhones did SoftBank sell in Japan during July? Our estimate: between 75,000 – 125,000. Read on about how we arrived at this estimate. Net growth of mobile subscription numbers in Japan (Japan’s mobile market grows by about 5.5 million per year – for more analysis read our JCOMM-Report). How did we arrive at […]

3G Summit and Mobile Payment workshop

Mobile Payment workshop and Global 3G Evolution Forum in Tokyo – Makuhari 3GPP, UMTS-Forum, Verizon and Docomo and others 22-25 January 2007 MarcusEvans organized the “Global 3G Evolution Forum” in Makuhari near Tokyo. Speakers included: Takanori Utano, Executive Vice-President and CTO of DoCoMo, Takehiro Nakamura of NTT and Vice-Chairman of 3GPP Jean-Pierre Bienaime, Chairman of […]

DoCoMo speeds up 3G by 10 times

DoCoMo has upgraded radio networks to 3.6 Mbps in the Tokyo region, and NEC’s N902iX handsets will be released very shortly. DoCoMo has upgraded 3G networks in the Tokyo region to 3.6 Mbps (data download) in the Tokyo region using HSDPA technology (HSDPA = High-Speed Downlink Packet Access), and will soon sell NEC’s N902iX handsets. […]

Vodafone not so big in Japan – The Economist says

The Economist looks at Vodafone’s real situation in Japan’s very advanced and hyper-competitive telecommunications market Vodafone not so big in Japan: Vodafone is struggling to catch up with Docomo’s introduction of 3G in Japan An article in The Economist about Vodafone is partly based on our analysis: Vodafone not so big in Japan: “Vodafone- Not […]

21.6 million 3G subscribers in Japan (31 August 2004)

The mobile phone subscriber statistics for August 2004 in Japan came out: 3G subscribers: KDDI/AU: 15,511,800 subscribers, conversion rate to 3G: 86.1% DoCoMo: 5,900,200 subscribers, conversion rate to 3G: 12.6% Vodafone: 237,600 subscribers, conversion rate to 3G: 1.6% Copyright·©1997-2013 ·Eurotechnology Japan KK·All Rights Reserved·

KDDI/AU has 80% of users on 3G

80% of KDDI/AU users are now converted to 3G, and KDDI/AU does not sell any 2G phones any more: only 3G and 3.5G (2.4Mbps data download). Here is KDDI/AU‘s newest 3.5G phone – the W21SA, for 2.4Mbps data download: More about Japan’s mobile telecom sector:Eurotechnology Japan report on Japan’s telecom industry Copyright·©1997-2013 ·Eurotechnology Japan KK·All […]

3G: "Vision, meet reality" (Economist on ITU vision for 3G)

Just read an article in the Economist: “Mobile 3G telecoms: Vision, meet reality” which quotes ITU’s 2000 vision for 3G (ITU = International Telecommunication Union): The device will function as a phone, a computer, a television, a pager, a videoconferencing centre, a newspaper, a diary and even a credit card…it will support not only voice […]

Wireless Japan 2004 exhibition (Tokyo, July 21-23, 2004)

FeliCa mobile payment wallet phones at the centre of attention Wireless, mobile phone industry trends years before they reach outside Japan Every year the Wireless Japan sets global trends in wireless communications and mobile phones. Mobile phone industry professionals cannot afford to miss this trend setting show. It is here that Japanese carriers and handset […]

Wireless Japan 2003 exhibition (Tokyo, July 16-18, 2003)

Japan shows advanced applications of 3G wireless communications 3G concept phones, 3G video, mobile payment, doorlooking via 3G Eurotechnology Japan report on Wireless-Japan 2004 (110 pages, 14 figures, 85 photographs, 5 tables, pdf-file) Eurotechnology Japan report on Wireless-Japan 2003 (60 pages, 68 figures/photographs, 5 tables, pdf-file) Eurotechnology Japan report on Tokyo Game Show TGS2004 (160 […]

Wireless Japan 2002 exhibition (July 17-19, 2002) in Tokyo

Global mobile trends start in Japan Docomo’s first 3G phones, KDDI brings design to mobile phones The annual Wireless-Japan exhibition highlights the trends of mobile communications in Japan. At Wireless-Japan 2002 KDDI started setting the trend of concept phones. KDDI/AU “Design Project:” Design study for the bestselling “INFOWAR”. The KDDI/AU design study above became the […]

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