Japan’s full 2005 cellphone subscriber data

Japan’s 2005 cellphone subscriber data show:

  • Japan’s cellphone market continues to grow by more than 4.5 million subscriptions/year
  • DoCoMo and KDDI are continuing their head-to-head race
  • Since June 2005 Vodafone is consistently gaining customers again (but losing market share)
  • Willcom’s turn-round is continuing, and Willcom is consistently gaining market share. Willcom is outperforming Vodafone as far as gaining new subscribers is concerned

Month-by-month gain/loss for 2005:

Annual subscriber growth for 2001-2005 shows DoCoMo’s and KDDI’s head-to-head race, Willcom’s turn-round and Vodafone’s difficulties to apply GSM-style management to Japan:

Month-by-month growth during 2005 shows that KDDI is moving TuKa customers to AU. (TuKa uses a legacy PDC network – a technology developed by KDDI’s competitor NTT, while AU uses Qualcomm’s CDMA2000):

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