Supercell Japan advertises to improve today’s top-ten rank in Japan’s i-Phone/iOS App-Store

Supercell Japan is not satisfied with 10th rank for Clash of Clans in the Japanese iPhone app store… Report on Japan’s game makers and game markets Japan is the world’s No. 1 top grossing app market both for iOS apps and for Android apps, as we discussed before. Supercell Japan: investments by SoftBank and GungHo […]

SoftBank Shibuya flagship store

On September 29, 2006, a few days before the official name change from Vodafone KK to SoftBank Mobile, SoftBank opened the rebranded Shibuya flagship store: Because of the crowded streets in Shibuya most of the building work was done during the night: More about SoftBank in our “SoftBank Report” Copyright·©2013 ·Eurotechnology Japan KK·All Rights Reserved·

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