Top Japanese game companies

25 listed top game companies listed on Tokyo Stock Exchange have total market cap of US$ 30 billion Japan game market report (398 pages, pdf-file): [buy] [subscribe] [information] Japan is the cradle of many global games Japan created much of today’s global game market with icon’s such as Nintendo. However, today the moment has been […]

Future of Video Game Sector (CNBC Airtime: Thurs. Jul. 30 2009)

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Do mobile app-stores and online games disrupt Nintendo’s blue ocean?

Japan introduced the mobile internet with i-Mode in 1999, while i-Phone and friends are now getting the rest of the world hooked onto the mobile internet. Games used to be played in game parlors, and some of Japan’s game giants were originally and still are game parlor machine makers – a round of Dance-Dance-Revolution anyone? […]

Tokyo Game Show TGS2004 (Sept 24-26, 2004): breakthrough for native mobile games

Mobile phone games at the center of TGS2004 Docomo at the center of attention with JAVA native mobile games for i-Mode The annual “Tokyo Game Show” sets trends and is a must for game professionals and fans. More than 100 companies exhibit. This years highlight is the SONY “PlayStation Portable” – PSP – to be […]

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