NEC smartphone termination, discussions with Lenovo failed

NEC smartphone – admits losing against competition from Apple and Samsung NEC smartphone – NEC used to be No. 1 in Japan’s “Galapagos keitai” market Just a few years ago, NEC was No. 1 in market share of Japanese pre-smart phone “Galake” (Galapagos-keitai, for a review of Japan’s Galapagos effect click here) super-feature phones. Recently […]

Chinese global brand – LENOVO

On February 1, 2007, LENOVO announced excellent 3rd Quarter results. I commented live on CNBC-TV. Read comments on LENOVO’s results below. Comments on LENOVO’s 3Q results LENOVO (traded on the the Hong Kong stock exchange) for 3Q announced 23% higher profits compared to 3Q one year ago. Revenue increased slightly to US$ 4 billion, making […]

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