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  • Growing your business in Japan (video conference)

    Growing your business in Japan (video conference)

    Despite being the world’s third largest market, many businesses struggle to break into Japan. The “Growing your Business in Japan” free webinar, organized by the SCI’s Science and Enterprise Group and powered by LabLinks, will provide valuable insights into the challenges of growing a chemistry-facing business in the Japanese market, and how they can be overcome.  The host, Dr Alan Steven – Chief […]

  • Coffee with the Foreign Minister of Austria in Tokyo

    Was invited to coffee with the Foreign Minister of Austria, Mr Michael Spindelegger, at the Embassy in Tokyo. Minister Spindelegger is in Tokyo for celebrating 140 years of Austria-Japan diplomatic relations, and he gave a short presentation. Another reason for the Minister’s visit to Japan is that both Japan and Austria are non-permanent members of […]

  • 50 years EU celebration in Tokyo

    Today was the 50th anniversary of the treaty of Rome which was at the beginning of the European Union. In Tokyo we had a big party at the top of Roppongi Hills – 52nd floor. Here are some pictures… Copyright·©2013 ·Eurotechnology Japan KK·All Rights Reserved·

  • i-Tunes stores and mobile music

    i-Tunes stores and mobile music

    Japanese consumers clearly express their preference:99.8% of music downloads are to mobile phones, and 0.2% of music downloads are to PCs and portable MP3 players. Clearly Japan’s internet music services did not offer what consumers want: internet music downloads to PCs and portable MP3 players recently dropped from 12,300/day during Jan-March 2005 to 11,600/day during […]

  • Prepaid mobile phones in Japan…

    Prepaid mobile phones are a huge business in Europe. In Japan prepaid mobile phone numbers are tiny, and NTT’s new CEO just announced that NTT-DoCoMo is planning to stop offering prepaid mobile phones altogether. Find detailed statistics and market shares per operator for Japan’s prepaid market in our report on Japan’s telecommunications sector. Copyright·©1997-2013 ·Eurotechnology […]

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