beeTV – DoCoMo’s new mobile TV

Japan leads mobile phone experimentation Japan introduces and tests a large range of experimental and innovative mobile services On May 1, 2009, DoCoMo in cooperation with media firm Avex started the mobile TV beeTV which brings 8 channels including a MOOLOG Channel (MOOLOG = MOOvie-bLOG) beeTV is an indicator how Mobile TV may impact Japan’s […]

More Drastic Changes Needed at Sony (CNBC TV interview)

SONY needs drastic changes: from commodities to networks and communities More Drastic Changes Needed at Sony (CNBC Airtime: Thursday, May 14, 2009) Read more about SONY and Japan’s electrical industry sector in our J-ELECTRIC report (pdf file) Read our report on Japan’s electronics industry sector: [buy][subscribe][preview on slideshare][more info] Copyright (c) 2013 Eurotechnology Japan KK […]

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