Ikea reenters Japan after 32 years: IKEA’s first try to enter Japan in 1974 failed for IKEA. Now second try in 2006 – a full 32 years later

IKEA enters Japan for the second time, 32 years after the first entry to Japan. Ikea reenters Japan: IKEA created a joint venture in Japan in 1974 and abandoned it in 1986 – this company still flourishes, but IKEA withdrew from Japan… Ikea reenters Japan: Today, Monday April 24, 2006 at 7:30am, IKEA invited about […]


1-SEG? One-Seg? wansegu? In Japan the nickname for digital mobile TV is written in Katakana: ワンセグ (pronounced wansegu). Japanese people love to abbreviate – oneseg is short for One Segment. Why? The reason is technical: digital TV is broadcast in certain radio frequency channels. Each TV station (e.g. NHK, Fuji-TV, TBS etc) uses one particular […]

Mobile TV

Digital mobile TV started officially in Japan on April 1, 2006 after several months of testing. Japan’s media industry is large – Japan’s broadcasting industry alone is about US$ 40 billion sales/year, so mobile-TV will probably develop into a multibillion-$ industry over the next few years. At the moment there is a chicken-and-egg situation: content […]

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