3 hours in … Kamakura (Wallstreet Journal)

(unedited original manuscript of an article printed in the Wallstreet Journal). Guest guide Gerhard Fasol takes you to his favorite town in Japan. Your Guide: Gerhard Fasol, Founder and CEO of Eurotechnology Japan KK, a group of hands-on Japan experts, who build and expand the Japan business for US and EU high-tech companies and vice-versa. […]

SANYO – NOKIA CDMA2000 JV (Interview for CNBC)

Was interviewed today about the announced JV between SANYO and Nokia for CDMA2000 phone handsets (I added some corrections here): [Q1] How will SANYO benefit from this, since they are the ones who have the technology, what do they hope to gain from working with Nokia? Or is this merely a way to reduce costs […]

Why are keitai so hot in Japan?

Innovations in Japan’s mobile phone sector Why is Japan’s telecommunications sector leading? Seminar announcement The European Institute of Japanese Studies (EIJS Academy in Tokyo) of the Stockholm School of Economics will hold a seminar in Tokyo-Marunochi on Thursday, February 16, 2006: Topic: “Why are Mobile Phones (Keitai) so hot in Japan? – and How European […]

Music phone for KDDI LISMO! mobile music service including 4 GigaByte Hard Disk launched

Music player phone for KDDI LISMO mobile music service LISMO! competing with iPod and iTunes In the last few days KDDI/AU‘s “MUSIC-HDD” phone (W41T by Toshiba) went on sale nationwide in Japan. The W41T includes a 4 Gigabyte 0.85 inch (22.6mm) diameter Hard Disk Drive (HDD), and can store roughly 2000 full songs. This storage […]

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