PSP’s wLAN connection

SONY‘s PSP includes wLAN connectivity – this image shows our company homepage displayed on a PSP’ internet browser SONY’s PSP can be used as a VOIP telephone – and has a variety of other disruptive functionalities… more in our J-Games report. At the moment PSP is being outsold by Nintendo’s DS. Copyright·©2013 ·Eurotechnology Japan KK·All […]

XBOX 360 Japan launch in Tokyo on Dec 10, 2005

Very small impact for XBOX in Japan to date XBOX 360 Japan Launch makes a new attempt for breakthrough in Japan Microsoft launched XBOX 360 in Tokyo today Dec 10, 2005: The original XBOX made only very small impact in Japan’s console market, which is dominated by SONY’s Playstation series and Nintendo’s Gameboy series. As […]

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