Games: Nintendo – the winner takes it all

Game industries in total are MUCH bigger than music industries… in Japan game industries are about 10 times bigger business than music industries… Last weekend we had the Tokyo Game Show – read some key points below! From 2006 Japan’s game sector changed dramatically- Nintendo created several paradigm shifts, and “took off”. Read more about […]

XBOX 360 Japan launch in Tokyo on Dec 10, 2005

Very small impact for XBOX in Japan to date XBOX 360 Japan Launch makes a new attempt for breakthrough in Japan Microsoft launched XBOX 360 in Tokyo today Dec 10, 2005: The original XBOX made only very small impact in Japan’s console market, which is dominated by SONY’s Playstation series and Nintendo’s Gameboy series. As […]

XBOX 360 Japan Lounge Tokyo Aoyama

No breakthrough for XBOX in Japan yet XBOX promotion in Tokyo XBox has not yet achieved the breakthrough in Japan’s competitive game markets – and Microsoft is relentlessly working to make XBox a success in Japan. Japan game market report (398 pages, pdf-file): [buy] [subscribe] [information][slideshare preview] The new “XBox 360 Lounge” in Tokyo/Aoyama Japan […]

Tokyo Game Show TGS2005: Playstation vs Microsoft XBOX vs absent Nintendo DS

Nintendo wins on mindshare despite traditional absence from TGS Tokyo Game Show TGS2005: Battle of the console and handheld platforms, while native mobile game applis on the path to disrupt Here some highlights of this year’s Tokyo Game Show TGS2005: SONY vs Microsoft. At last year’s TGS2004 Microsoft’s XBOX exhibit was pretty low-key in a […]

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