iPhone in Japan – in the press

Here some articles about the panel discussion at the Foreign Correspondents’ Club of Japan on the topic “Will The iPhone Trigger A Turning Point In Japan’s Mobile Phone Industry?” Apple iPhone is having success in Japan against local internet mobiles (The Australian) The iPhone’s impact in Japan (BusinessWeek) Copyright·©2013 ·Eurotechnology Japan KK·All Rights Reserved·

75% of mobile phones in Japan ship with digital mobile TV

Digital mobile TV started in Japan in 2005 – about 3 years ago: KDDI/AU sold the first phones with digital mobile TV starting in October 2005, at the same time mobile TV was available for public testing. The official commercial service of mobile TV started on April 1, 2006. Today more than 75% ship with […]

Last 2G phone shipped 8 months ago in Japan

Second generation (2G) phones silently bowed out of Japan’s market 8 months ago: the last 2G phones in Japan were shipped in December 2007. KDDI/AU switched off their 2G radio network in March this year, and both DoCoMo and SoftBank announced that they will switch off their slow and expensive 2G networks in the very […]

Will the iPhone trigger a turning point in Japan’s mobile phone industry?

Tetsuzo Matsumoto (Senior Executive Vice-President and Board Member of SOFTBANK MOBILE Corporation), Gerhard Fasol (CEO, Eurotechnology Japan KK)and Dennis Normile (Japan Correspondent of SCIENCE Magazine, and FCCJ) discuss about the future of Japan’s mobile phone market. “Will the iPhone trigger a turning point in Japan’s mobile phone industry?”(Foreign Correspondents’ Club of Japan, Tokyo Wednesday, August […]

How many iPhones were sold in July 2008 in Japan?

How many iPhones did SoftBank sell in Japan during July? Our estimate: between 75,000 – 125,000. Read on about how we arrived at this estimate. Net growth of mobile subscription numbers in Japan (Japan’s mobile market grows by about 5.5 million per year – for more analysis read our JCOMM-Report). How did we arrive at […]

NTT-Data expands to Europe: Acquisition of Cirquent GmbH

NTT Data and BMW agreed today, that NTT Data will acquire 72.9% of outstanding shares of Cirquent GmbH NTT Data thus gains BMW as largest customer in Europe Today, August 1, 2008, NTT Data and BMW agreed, that NTT Data will acquire 72.9% of the outstanding shares of Cirquent GmbH in order to globalize. Cirquent […]

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