Finland-Japan Ubiquitous Society Conference

October 27, 2006 the Finland-Japan Ubiquitous Society Conference was held in Tokyo. Tero Ojanpera, Exec VP and CTO of NOKIA, gave an overview of NOKIA’s vision of communications, other speakers and panelists included Juho Lipsanen, Finland CEO of TeliaSonera, KDDI Chairman Murakami. The day before I briefed and had a long discussion with the top […]

Briefing TeliaSonera top management

The day before the Finland-Japan Ubiquitous Society Conference in Tokyo, I briefed the top-management (CEO, CTO and other top managers) of TeliaSonera, on October 26, 2006. The next day, October 27, 2006, the Finland-Japan Ubiquitous Society Conference was held. Tero Ojanpera, Exec VP and CTO of NOKIA, gave an overview of NOKIA’s vision of communications, […]

SoftBank’s Gold Plan – Zero Yen?

SoftBank acquired Vodafone KK for about US$ 15 billion, essentially with a very large loan. Thus SoftBank is under enormous pressure to succeed in Japan’s very competitive mobile phone market, where Number Portability was introduced on October 24, 2006. Recent subscriber number statistics and our observations indicate that SoftBank looks likely to succeed in turning […]

KDDI’s "Customer Satisfaction" campaign

Contrary to SoftBank‘s “Zero YEN” campaign, which plays with the fire of a price war, KDDI centered AU’s number portability campaign on “customer satisfaction” emphasizing services. The “customer satisfaction campaign” uses a symbolic customer as the campaign theme: More in our Report on KDDI Copyright·©2013 ·Eurotechnology Japan KK·All Rights Reserved·

Yahoo!-keitai replaces Vodafone-Live!

SoftBank replaced Vodafone-Live! by Yahoo!-Keitai. SoftBank phones have a “Y!”-button which links to Yahoo!-keitai. Yahoo-Keitai! offers a list of official sites, new services (e.g. a new communicator service), and also access to free mobile internet sites through the YAHOO directory, as well as access to YAHOO services, such as YAHOO-auctions. YAHOO!-keitai is a fresh start […]

ACCESS CEO Toru Arakawa (Oct. 6, 2006)

Toru Arakawa, CEO and Founder of ACCESS, gave a keynote speech at this years CEATEC show in Makuhari on October 6, 2006, outlining ACCESS strategies. ACCESS is the maker of NetFront browsers and other software at the core of DoCoMo’s i-mode. ACCESS acquired PalmSource and is developing the Access Linux Platform (ALP) based on the […]

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