"What is hot in mobile in Japan?" (Executive Briefing)

From time to time our CEO is asked to brief top executives of major corporations – or even the President of Germany, or the Vice-Minister of Industry of France. Several times this year we gave a presentation on “What’s hot in mobile in Japan”. Copyright·©1997-2013 ·Eurotechnology Japan KK·All Rights Reserved·

Japan media landscape restructuring

Japan’s broadcasting is a US$ 40 billion/year industry There have been many attempts over the years for Japan media landscape restructuring Japan’s broadcasting markets (commercial TV + NHK + CATV + satellite + AM & FM radio) have annual combined revenues on the order of US$ 40 billion. The main players in this market are […]

GPS required for mobile phones in Japan from April 2007

Japan’s Internal Affairs and Communications Ministry (Soumusho) is working to change regulations so that GPS is required on Japan’s mobile phones from April 2007. This move has been expected for some time, but apparently details will be announced later in 2005. Nikkei reports that the accuracy of the location determination should be on the order […]

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