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Mobile Payment Forum and Eurotechnology Japan KK jointly organize the Mobile Payment Forum meeting in Tokyo

Japan leads the world in mobile payments and m-commerce

The Mobile Payment Forum promotes usage of mobile phones for payments, and works on interoperability, usability and standardization issues.

The major credit card companies (VISA, Mastercard, American Express…) together with the leading mobile phone makers (Nokia, Motorola, NEC…), and mobile operators (Vodafone, DoCoMo, TIM, T-Mobile, Sprint…) lead the Mobile Payment Forum.

On April 4, 2005, the Members and Directors for the first time held their meeting in Tokyo

On April 4, 2005, the Members and Directors for the first time held their meeting in Tokyo. Eurotechnology Japan KK took part in the organization of the meeting, and Gerhard Fasol gave an almost 2 hour long keynote presentation about mobile payment in Japan.

Mobile Payment Forum discovers KDDI, introduced by Eurotechnology Japan KK

At this meeting, I also had the opportunity to introduce KDDI to the Mobile Payment Forum – there was no previous relationship between KDDI and Mobile Payment Forum.

KDDI gave a keynote, and explained KDDI’s mobile payment business, and in particular also the recent success of mobile books, mobile novels, and mobile manga: ebooks, novels and manga specially produced for mobile phones.

Mobile Payment Forum Member’s meeting in Tokyo: “Mobile Payment Forum is a cross-industry organization launched in November 2001 to create a framework for standardized, secure and authenticated mobile payments, based on payment card accounts. The Forum intends to quickly and efficiently act as the bridge between the mobile and financial industries to accelerate the maturity of the mobile marketplace”.

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