Was Osamu Suzuki first to understand Volkswagen’s Diesel issues?

Osamu Suzuki: “we looked at Wagen’s technologies, and could not find anything we need” (Nikkei, 1 July 2011) Did Volkswagen underestimate Mr Suzuki? Over the last 18 years myself and our company have worked on many foreign-Japanese company partnerships, therefore we always have great interest in business partnerships involving Japanese companies, and have followed the […]

Mr. Suzuki didn’t want to be a Volkswagen employee, and that’s understandable (Prof. Dudenhoeffer via Bloomberg)

Suzuki divorces “Wagen-san” – a teachable moment No partnership works without meeting of minds, with opposite agendas and colliding expectations by Gerhard Fasol, All Rights Reserved. 20 September 2015, updated 27 September 2015 Suzuki Volkswagen – bottom line first: Volkswagen wanted Suzuki more than Suzuki needed Volkswagen Suzuki-CEO Osamu Suzuki: “we looked at Wagen’s technologies, […]

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