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Kyocera expands in Europe via acquisition of TA Triumph-Adler

Kyocera is one of Japan’s powerful electronics companies, which together are about as large economically as the whole of the Netherlands.

Taking advantage of low EURO exchange rates and the high YEN, and low valuations during the current economic crisis, Kyocera acquired 93.84% of TA Triumph-Adler AG for a total purchase price on the order of EURO 98.7 Million.

Triumph was founded 1896 as a bicycle maker, and has grown into a major European office equipment manufacturer and sales company. Triumph used to be famous for typewriters, with the disappearance of typewriters, Triumph went through a long sequence of restructuring and through many merger and acquisition transactions.

Kyocera acquired TA Triumph-Adler for its distribution network: TA Triumph-Adler has about 35,000 companies as customers in 33 countries, with 70% of sales in Germany, giving Kyocera a much larger distribution footprint in Germany and EU.

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