Panasonic negotiates to acquire SANYO to form US$ 110 billion group

SANYO suffered from Niigata Chuetsu earthquake of Oct. 23, 2004 Panasonic attracted to SANYO’s battery and energy technologies On November 7, 2008 Panasonic (“Ideas for Life”) and Sanyo (slogan: “Think GAIA”) announced that they entered negotiations which can potentially lead to an acquisition of Sanyo by Panasonic to form one of the largest electronics groups […]

SANYO – NOKIA CDMA2000 JV (Interview for CNBC)

Was interviewed today about the announced JV between SANYO and Nokia for CDMA2000 phone handsets (I added some corrections here): [Q1] How will SANYO benefit from this, since they are the ones who have the technology, what do they hope to gain from working with Nokia? Or is this merely a way to reduce costs […]

About SANYO (CNBC and Wallstreet Journal)

Wednesday Nov 16, 2005, I was interviewed live on CBNC’s Asia Market Wrap with Christine Tan about SANYO’s plans to sell it’s financial division. Some of my friends asked me what I sad in this program – so here is my transcript from memory. Here is roughly what I said: Fundamentally I am very hopeful […]

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