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  • Mobile subscriptions grow by 5 million in Japan during 2006

    Japan’s mobile subscriber numbers grew by about 5 million in 2006. Because of the much higher ARPU, Japan’s mobile market again grew by a couple of Finlands during 2006. A growing number of people have more than one mobile phone, to take advantage of the best rates, eg for mail, voice and data. We expect…

  • Mobile marketing with QR-code

    Mobile marketing with QR-code

    QR codes (QR = “quick response”) have a lot more capacity than conventional bar codes: Marketing i-Pod-nano with QR-code: QR-code takes you directly to the mobile Apple store to buy your i-Pod-nano here and now on the road (read a detailed description of the Apple i-Pod QR-code campaign in our QR-Code report): More about:– QR-codes…

  • Scenarios for Japan’s mobile eco-systems (for Finland’s technology agency TEKES)

    Finland’s Government R&D and technology agency TEKES engaged our company to prepare input for the planning of TEKES’ five year VAMOS project on mobile services. Download one of our reports entitled “Scenarios for Japan’s mobile eco-systems” from the TEKES website Copyright·©1997-2013 ·Eurotechnology Japan KK·All Rights Reserved·

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